Wwe Superstars 12/8/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars for December 8th 2011, across the nation and around the world on WWE.com, featuring the return of Evan Bourne to television going one on one Epico. Watch WWE Superstars 12/8/11 for all of the action on WWE.com

WWE Superstars 12/8/11

Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd

We kick things off on WWE Superstars with an opening battle between two of the more underused superstars in WWE today. Both Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd get a rather great amount of time. Kidd nearly gets the win with a springboard elbow drop but Gabriel rolls through on a huracarana to score a

nearfall. 450 Splash gets the duke for Justin Gabriel. I enjoyed this match for sure. Justin Gabriel is your winner, kicking things off on WWE Superstars for 12/8/11. Hopefully in 2012, these guys will get a chance to shine. Although I refuse to acknowledge that utterly stupid nickname Gabriel has.

Epico takes on Evan Bourne later today on WWE Superstars for 12/8/11.

The Slammys are this Monday, three hours of RAW. May God have mercy on our souls.

Kevin Nash and Triple H meet at TLC in a Ladder Match with a sledgehammer hanging above the ring. Hopefully no one tears a quad.

Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barreta

Swagger takes down Barreta with the Gutwrench Power Bomb and goes right into the Ankle Lock submission for the tap out. Swagger wins. Just a showcase for Swagger really. Trent favors his ankle after the match.

Evan Bourne and Epico head off for battle in the main event on WWE Superstars 12/8/11.

Mason Ryan defeated Drew McIntyre.

The announcers wonder what opponents of Mason Ryan must be thinking when he enters the ring. Obviously, “how is this guy passing a steroid test” or alternatively, “what a stupid haircut.”Mason Ryan sucks in the ring. Poor Drew McIntyre. He used to suck, but now he’s better, and now he’s just fodder for the lovechild of Batista and Eric Bischoff, circa WCW. No seriously, Mason Ryan has

Ken doll hair like Eric Bischoff used to and that hair does not look right on a man with his stature. Mason Ryan applies the Masterlock and slams McIntyre out of it for a pin. What a wretched match! What a stupid haircut! Who does Mason Ryan have incriminating photos of? Inquiring minds want to know. HOW IS THIS MAN PASSING THE WELLNESS TEST?

And speaking Wellness Tests, Evan Bourne returns against Epico. Still to come this afternoon on Superstars.

Stone Cold DVD commercial.

CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against the Miz and Alberto Del Rio for the first time ever in a Triple Threat TLC Match. And they replay the contract signing.

WWE Tribute to the Troops this Sunday, 8:00 PM Eastern on USA Network.

Epico pinned Evan Bourne

A rather good and high flying match on WWE Superstars for 12/8/11, with both men going back and forth. Primo interjected himself at the end and Epico hits the Back Stabber on Bourne for the pin. Epico and Primo are two for two against the WWE Tag Team Champions, putting them in line for a title shot.

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 12/8/11

Gabriel vs. Kidd and Epico vs. Bourne were the highlights of WWE Superstars 12/8/11.

WWE Superstars Results 12/8/11

Justin Gabriel pinned Tyson Kidd.

Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barreta.

Mason Ryan defeated Drew McIntyre.

Epico defeated Evan Bourne

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