Wwe Superstars 12/15/11

It is now time for the report of WWE Superstars from across the nation and around the world, airing on December 15th 2011 on WWE.com. The WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom square off against Primo and Epico in a non title main event. Be ready for all of the highlights that you’ll get when you watch WWE Superstars 12/15/11.

WWE Superstars 12/15/11

A return match from Tribute to the Troops takes place when Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Air Boom, take on Epico and Primo from WWE Superstars 12/15/11.

Drew McIntyre defeated Justin Gabriel

It is the speed of high flying ability of

Justin Gabriel against the roughneck power based offense of the Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre. Both men went back and forth, as they try to gain some momentum to perhaps get a regular spot on the main show in 2012. The victory would be McIntyre’s, as he connects with the Future Shock DDT for the pin. Drew McIntyre takes a trip to the Pay Window on WWE Superstars 12/15/11.

Missed Tribute to the Troops? You can watch WWE Tribute the Troops this Saturday once again on NBC 9:00 PM Central Time. Sponsored by Slim Jim. Snap into it. Oh yeah!

Want to get written out of the family will? Buy your loved ones a WWE films production of Inside Out or the Reunion this holiday season.

Hunico defeated Trent Barreta

Hunico rides down to the ring on a bicycle, on low riding bicycle. Well that’s something that you’ve never seen in wrestling before. Hunico has a mysterious Hispanic gentlemen with him, riding him down to the ring and his friend just stands at ringside. Hunico wins with the Swanton Bomb. Hunico gives us some words in Spanish. Well that was nice.

Primo and Epico take on Air Boom today on WWE Superstars 12/15/11.

This Sunday, for the first time ever, the WWE Championship will be on the line in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match, with CM Punk defending against Alberto Del Rio and the Miz.

Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley

I thought these two really did have a good match, with a lot of false finishes. Riley is fired up to start, Swagger punishes Riley. Riley fights back with the spine buster. Belly to belly suplex counters the DDT and Ankle Lock is blocked, DDT connects, A-Bomb countered, roll through, sunset flip, blocked, right into the Ankle Lock and Riley taps out. The last couple of moments of his life are intense.

Air Boom head to the air

to take on Epico and Primo, who will be lead to the ring by Rosa Mendes.

WWE Best of the King of the Ring on DVD, hosted by King Booker. Many great competitors and Billy Gunn have held the King of the Ring in the past.

RAW is rebounded. The Slammy Awards are announced. And Kane returns too.

TLC is this Sunday, the very first time ever, a Triple Threat TLC Match with CM Punk defending against the Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Mark Henry defends the World Heavyweight Title against the Big Show in a Chairs Match. Fists will fly and quads may tear, as a Ladder Match will take place between Kevin Nash and Triple H, with a sledgehammer above the ring. That is TLC, December 18th 2011 on Pay Per View.

Epico and Primo defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom in a non title match

A high impact and high flying tag team match to close things off. Evan Bourne is beaten down in the ring, playing face in peril but the hot tag. Kofi runs wild and it is a brawl in the ring, with Bourne going down on the floor. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on Epico but blind tag before that and Primo sneaks in with the Back Stabber to win this non title match, thus putting them in line for a future tag team title shot. A good match between both of these tag teams.

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 12/15/11

Swagger vs. Riley and Air Boom vs. the New and Improved Colons would highlight this show, although McIntyre vs. Gabriel was decent but could have done with a bit more time.

WWE Superstars Results 12/15/11

Drew McIntyre defeated Justin Gabriel

Hunico defeated Trent Barreta.

Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley

Epico and Primo defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom in a non title match.

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