Wwe Superstars 11/19/09

It is time to fly with both hands in the air, down that retro tunnel of love that we call WWE Superstars for November 19th 2009. A preview of the Team Randy Orton against Team Kofi Kingston Match at Survivor Series 2009 will be at hand when Mark Henry takes on Cody Rhodes. Plus one on one for the world to see, we have Zack Ryder against Shelton Benjamin one more time and Eric Escobar in action against Jimmy Wang Yang. Time to watch WWE Superstars 11/19/09 and run down the results.

WWE Superstars 11/19/09 Review

Zack Ryder defeated Shelton Benjamin

Last week,

Rosa Mendes inadvertently costs our Patron Saint of WWE Superstars a match but this week her interference proves to be an asset, rather then a liability for the Long Island Iced Z. Shelton is distracted due to some fun and games with the cell phone and Ryder picks up the win. Decent match between these two as always.

Eric Escobar defeated Jimmy Wang Yang

Escobar was one of the many wrestlers who were pretty decent down in developmental but flopped under the

bright lights of WWE. See the Bashams for further proof of this. The bloom is nearly off of the rose with Escobar here, as I believe he splits up with Vickie Guerrero a couple weeks later and he gets jobbed out. Still this is one last shot, with Escobar putting down Jimmy Wang Yang with a dropkick.

Mark Henry defeated Cody Rhodes

Main event time between two men who have come a long way since them. Happy Smiling Mark Henry never really worked. Both of these men will be opposite sides at Survivor Series. Rhodes manages to get some degree of offense, but in the end he runs into a brick wall. The World's Strongest Man hits the World's Strongest Slam to pin the man who will soon be dashing. Fair enough match but lacked something.

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