Wwe Superstars 11/12/09

Time to head down that retro tunnel of love for WWE Superstars on November 12th 2009. On this show, MVP goes against Ted DiBiase, to spotlight what is to come in the classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. Plus Zack Ryder goes one on one against Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy will face off against David Hart Smith. It is time to run down the results of WWE Superstars 11/12/09 and recap all of the action.

WWE Superstars 11/12/09

Matt Hardy defeated David Hart Smith

Ah, Matt Hardy, you were once so great, but while the mind still appears to be willing around this

point, the body is rather kind of not willing by now. Although Hardy would regress further within the next few months and could still be dragged to something decent by the right opponent. Smith might not be the right opponent but this is a rather solid match, with Matt Hardy picking up the win against David Hart Smith with a cradle.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Zack Ryder

This was around the time where Rosa Mendes is with Zack Ryder. In fact, Ryder gets distracted by Rosa at ringside, which

allows Shelton Benjamin to get the win via countout. Ryder enters the ring, to try and get himself a piece of Shelton Benjamin but Benjamin lays him out handily. These two have had better matches.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase have some words for MVP and Mark Henry, with DiBiase heading right into the ring with MVP.

MVP defeated Ted DiBiase

This was a case of two men who are only as good as who they are wrestling and really it did not lead to a very engaging match. I think that if this match would have been a bit shorter, it would have been find but it was two men who can't lead being thrown into the deep end. MVP cradles DiBiase to pick up the in.

Rather adequate but not great episode of WWE Superstars.

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