Wwe Superstars 11/10/10

Down right through the annals of time for WWE Superstars on November 11th 2010, headlined by Drew McIntyre going one on one with Kaval in the main event. Also let's not forget the battle between Primo against Ezekiel Jackson and two long time rivals in Zack Ryder and Yoshi Tatsu square off in the main event. The time for talking is over, it is now time to watch WWE Superstars 11/11/10 and run down all of the results.

WWE Superstars 11/11/10 Review

Yoshi Tatsu pinned Zack Ryder

They have had many encounters on both ECW and Superstars and they hook up one more

time in the opening match. Ryder's cult following was really getting ready to kick up although it would really not shift into high gear for another couple of months. Yoshi is always a fan favorite, as two rather underutilized WWE Superstars step right into the ring. Rough Ryder misses and Yoshi wallops Ryder in the face. That is enough to put him down for the pin. Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder put together an amazing opening match on WWE Superstars.

Ezekiel Jackson pinned Primo

Primo has A.J. with him in this match but that doesn't bring him much of anything in the way of luck. Jackson is back from a knee injury and is show

cased. Primo gets in very little offense but Zeke catches him. Book of Ezekiel spells the doom for Primo, as Jackson picks up the one, two, three. Ezekiel Jackson has a commanding performance on WWE Superstars.

Kane is your World Heavyweight Champion around this time, gaze upon his power.

Drew McIntyre pinned Kaval

Main event time right now and obviously Kaval's WWE record was not the most stellar thing. I'm actually surprised someone who takes himself as seriously as Kaval even made it to WWE and lasted four months on the main roster, plus more on NXT and down in FCW. McIntyre uses his size to punish Kaval but Kaval makes a comeback. Future Shock is countered, Warrior's Way is avoided, and second Future Shock gets the win. Good match with Drew McIntyre picking up the win over Kaval.

The opener and main event were both good this week on WWE Superstars, and Zeke and Primo was a perfectly acceptable squash. The 11/11/10 WWE Superstars is a win.


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