Wwe Superstars 10/6/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars, which is no longer across the nation, but around the world still and no longer on WWE.com, for October 6th 2011. (Post Production Edit: Scratch that, it is back on WWE.com, don't know when that happened. So Superstars recaps will be returning to Thursday and that means FCW will be done on Monday Afternoons). Our feature contest for this week on WWE Superstars has Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd in a return match from two weeks ago.

WWE Superstars 10/6/11


Alex Riley defeats JTG with a TKO


A so so match with JTG vs. Alex Riley to kick off

WWE Superstars for October 6th 2011. Riley really beats down JTG early but JTG makes a comeback, taunting and putting the badmouth on Riley. Riley fights back and JTG kicks out of the Implant DDT. JTG does pull off a belly to back suplex set up swung into the neckbreaker. Kind of a cool move, I’ll kick JTG that. Riley fights back with the TKO for the pin. Riley picks up the in the first match on WWE Superstars 10/6/11.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 was an insane show and the aftermath was even more insane.

Has Triple H lost control of WWE? That’s what the WWE Universe and wrestlers are wondering after this past Sunday. This goes to a recap of Hell in a Cell, with R-Truth and Miz attacking and Triple H attacking them while handcuffed.

Then later on Superstars, we’ll take a look at what happened as a result on RAW.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson


McGillicutty is still employed and he’s still striking it out on his own. Watson is all high impact and high energy in this match in the early going. McGillicutty works him over but Watson comes back. Showtime splash misses and McGillicutty hits that ugly neckbreaker that never looks good to get the pin. Michael McGillicutty picks up the win on WWE Superstars.

Still to come, we’ll see what happened this past Monday on RAW, with Triple H and the RAW Roster.

AJ defeated Tamina


This was the power of Tamina against the speed

of AJ. This was what it was. Tamina battered AJ for most of this match but she came back with a standing Sliced Bread #2 for the pin. Twas not too bad I guess.

People walked out on Triple H on Monday. How will it affect RAW on Monday? Well we’re going to wait and see?

Sheamus will tell you not to be a bully but be a star.

Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd


Not as good as their match from two weeks ago but it was a pretty solid encounter with Tyson Kidd vs. Ted DiBiase for the time it got. Kidd gave DiBiase some anxious moments but DiBiase picked up the win with the Dream Street. Solid enough match but not as good as two weeks ago.

Then a recap of the vote of no confidence from WWE RAW and that would be it. The end with Triple H standing alone in the ring.

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 10/6/11


A rather good encounter with Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd but kind of short is about the only reason that I can think of.


WWE Superstars Results 10/6/11


Alex Riley defeated JTG with a TKO.

Michael McGillicutty defeated Percy Watson with a Neckbreaker.

AJ defeated Tamina with a Standing Sliced Bread #2

Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd with the Dream Street.

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