Wwe Superstars 10/28/10

WWE Superstars for October 28th 2010 is headlined by a battle with "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters taking on "the Dreadlocked Demolition Man" Tyler Reks. Plus, Curt Hawkins takes on MVP, Zack Ryder goes up against Tyson Kidd, and Jey Uso locks horns with Mark Henry. Let us dive down that retro wrestling rabbit hole and watch WWE Superstars 10/28/10.

WWE Superstars 10/28/10

Mark Henry pinned Jey Uso

Henry rolled over Jey Uso in the most handy manner. Yeah the Usos are really going to slide down the pecking order for a while, of course one must argue if they ever got quite back

up to their early heights. Henry nails Jey Uso with the huge World's Strongest Slam to score the pin.

Zack Ryder pinned Tyson Kidd

Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars is in action tonight against Tyson Kidd. The result is a pretty good match. The break up of the Hart Dynasty is taking center stage and Zack Ryder takes advantage of the inadvertent distraction, with hitting the Rough Ryder after avoiding a spring board elbow dorp. Ryder gets the win, over Tyson Kidd.

Recap of the wedding on WWE NXT between Goldust and Aksana.

MVP pinned Curt Hawkins

MVP is really just

there at this point until December. There is really nothing remarkable at all about anything he does, nothing bad, he just has a match. Really not much. I think that obviously he had done all that he needed to do or could do in WWE. MVP pulls out the Play of the Day and gets the win after Hawkins is foiled up top.

Tyler Reks pinned Chris Masters

First of many and a short one. They would have many better matches later on but this battle between the Masterpiece and the Dreadlock Demolition Man is just a glorified teaser for a series of matches that are yet to go. Reks hits a huge suplex to pick up the win, after avoiding the Masterlock. Solid performance between these two as short it was.

Some good moments of action for WWE Superstars for October 28th 2010.


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