Wwe Superstars 10/18/12

WWE Superstars for October 18th 2012 was headlined by the divas in action. One on one we saw Kaitlyn take on Beth Phoenix. The results and review for WWE Superstars for October 18th 2012 is just a click away. Experience the show right below.

WWE Superstars 10/18/12 Results.

Tensai defeated Michael McGillicutty with the senton of doom.

Kaitlyn pinned Beth Phoenix with a springboard sunset flip.

WWE Superstars 10/18/12 Review.

What did this reviewer think of when he watched WWE Superstars for 10/18/12? This episode of WWE Superstars might have been one of the worst additions of the show in recent memory. It reminded me

of the old WCW Main Event Show back in like 1996-1997, where it had a couple of exclusive matches and the rest of the show was recaps. I suppose let’s dive into this show.

Tensai and Michael McGillicutty was quite the choice match. Granted it was not a good choice to have for a match. McGillicutty had that miracle series with Tyson Kidd. Tensai is capable of having good matches with the right opponent. Of course that right opponent is not Michael McGillicutty. Nice attempt of a Perfect Plex for this match, but Tensai scores the win.

Kaitlyn took on

Beth Phoenix in the other match of the evening. Divas matches on Superstars are normally halfway decent. This was a few steps below that. Kaitlyn gets the upset win with a sunset flip off of the ropes. There was really not much to write home about.

The rest of the show was recaps. Recaps by the boatload, recaps around every corner, every single thing regarding the Ryback against CM Punk match at Hell in a Cell. This bout is a match where WWE may have booked themselves into a bit of a corner. We’ll see come Hell in a Cell, but yeah, given what we know about future plans it will be very interesting in about a week.

This is a very bad show and could be skipped.

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