Wwe Superstars 10/08/09

It is time to dive right into the retro arena for WWE Superstars for October 8th 2009. In this show, two tag teams that have been feuding for some time, the Hart Dynasty and Cryme Tyme meet in what should be an epic tag team main event. Plus Shelton Benjamin goes one on one with Sheamus and Evan Bourne will go against Ted DiBiase. Let us watch WWE Superstars from 10/8/09 and delve into all of the great action.

WWE Superstars 10/8/09

Ted DiBiase defeated Evan Bourne

DiBiase is out, after DeGeneration X destroyed Cody Rhodes at the Hell in a Cell 2009

Pay Per View the previous Sunday. DiBiase has a pretty decent little match, this was around the time where they wanted to have DiBiase have the big babyface turn against Randy Orton but it was not to be. Bourne fights back towards the end but DiBiase grabs him and hits him with the Dream Street for the pin.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Sheamus via disqualification

This was a spin-off of a feud that was occurring on ECW around this time. In fact, Sheamus had battered Benjamin the previous week on ECW and his shoulder

was injured. Sheamus continues his rough neck battering of Shelton Benjamin, until he chokes him right until the five count and is disqualified. This match was enjoyable but that finish was a pet peeve of mine.

Natalya, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd have some words, prior to Kidd and Smith taking on Cryme Tyme on WWE Superstars.

Cryme Tyme of Shad and JTG defeated the Hart Dynasty of David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

We have our main event and this is a great main event match. Eve Torres is in the corner of Cryme Tyme and Natalya is of course with the Hart Dynasty. This match happened a lot during 2009 and was enjoyable. This time, Cryme Tyme gets the pin, when Shad puts David Hart Smith away from the Thugnificent. Solid tag team match ends another solid episode of WWE Superstars for October 8th 2009.

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