Wwe Superstars 09/06/12

WWE Superstars for September 6th 2012 will be headlined by the WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston take on Epico and Primo. Get ready for WWE Superstars on WWE.Com for 09/06/12.

WWE Superstars 09/06/12 Results.

Aksana brought out the WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro says exceptional in five different languages. His opponent is the always popular Capetown Werewolf, Justin Gabriel.

Antonio Cesaro picked up the win over Justin Gabriel. Gabriel looks fired up but Cesaro beats him down rather handily. Gabriel stages a comeback as Aksana looks on. Cesaro takes him down and hits the Neutralizer. Solid and

fun opening match as WWE Superstars kicks off for another week.

The WWE Diva’s Champion Layla defeated Natalya. Before her defense against Kaitlyn at Night of Champions, Layla faces Natalya tonight on WWE Superstars. Layla has some fun at Natalya’s expense, including a slap right to the backside. Natalya goes crazy with high impact moves. Layla fights back with a huge roundhouse kick to pick up the win on WWE Superstars.

Still to come, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth take on Epico and Primo.

Damien Sandow picked up the win over Alex Riley. Sandow has his usual rather solid match here on WWE Superstars with Alex Riley. Riley gets some offense. Striker made a reference

to the “Duke of Dochester’ Pete Doherty which is win. Sandow scores with his neckbreaker for the pin. A solid performance as per usual with Mr. Sandow on WWE Superstars as he gets the win.

Replay of the events of WWE RAW, featuring CM Punk and John Cena, with Punk attacking John Cena.

Bret Hart returns to Montreal for the first time in fifteen years on RAW.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Epico and Primo. Rosa Mendes brought out Epico and Primo to face the WWE Tag Team Champions. And as always, Little Jimmy is there. R-Truth is beaten down in the corner two on one. Kofi hot tags in and runs wild. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

WWE Superstars was a solid show with the opening bout and the tag team match being the best.

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