Wwe Superstars 08/06/10

WWE Superstars on August 5th 2010 was headlined by a one on one match, featuring the high flying, death defying, sensation known as Evan Bourne taking on your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars, Zack Ryder. Plus in tag team action, the Dudebusters take on the Gatecrashers and one half of the co WWE Women's Champions Layla takes on Tiffany. Let us dive right down that retro wrestling rabbit hole of fun, and watch WWE Superstars 8/5/10 and run down the results.

WWE Superstars 8/5/10

Layla defeated Tiffany

Divas kick off action right here on WWE Superstars. I believe this is one of the

last matches, if not the last match with Tiffany before the incident with Drew McIntyre. Michelle McCool is out with Layla and they are the co WWE Women's Champions. Actually this was a shockingly decent match, with Layla dodging a cross body and hitting a neckbreaker. Layla scores the pin.

Recap of the events of NXT that week, a show I had checked out of until Season 4. It will be fun reviewing a lot of stuff I missed.

Evan Bourne takes on Zack Ryder later tonight.

Hype for the Wrestlemania 26 highlight show on NBC.

The Gatecrashers of Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer defeated the Dudebusters of Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft

Both teams are kind of heels but the Busters are defacto babyfaces, because no one

outside of a dozen morons in the Impact Zone are going to cheer for Freaking Hoyt. Despite everything, some rather decent and entertaining action. Back and forth action, crisp tag team action, with Trent Barreta getting hit with a reverse DDT from Archer and then Flying Elbowdrop. The Gatecrashers get the win.

A look at the current Money in the Bank holder, the Miz. Remember when he was actually pushed as a big deal. Much like the Nexus, that seemed like ages ago.

Evan Bourne pinned Zack Ryder

Ryder has been on a bit of roll, being the patron saint of this show and all but his roll has to stop, thanks to Evan Bourne. As you would expect, these guys really have a really good match. Ryder gives it a bit of a fight, before the inevitable happens. Air Bourne and Ryder is down for the three. Evan Bourne picks up the win over Zack Ryder.

We conclude WWE Superstars for August 6th 2010 with a rather great main event and a solid enough show.


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