Wwe Superstars 07/15/10

WWE Superstars for July 15th 2010 features a huge main event match, with Chris Jericho taking on Yoshi Tatsu. Plus Chavo Guerrero goes one on one over JTG, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer square right in a tag team match, and Jillian and Maryse square off against the Bella Twins in tag team action. Let us watch WWE Superstars 7/15/10 for some great WWE action.

WWE Superstars 7/15/10

Chavo Guerrero pinned JTG

Fairly decent match to open things up, but rather a by the numbers match. JTG really is down on the totem pole when Chavo beats him. Chavo who is 0-421 against

Hornswoggle. JTG fights off Chavo but Chavo fights him off, delivering the Frog Splash to put JTG down for the pin.

Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins defeated Matt Cross and Jamin Canceco

Showcase for Hawkins and Archer, and really, not too much of a match to be honest. Hawkins and Archer get the easy win, before the huge reverse DDT sets up a huge flying elbow drop. The Gatecrashers pick up the win on WWE Superstars.

The Bella Twins defeated Jillian Hall and Maryse

Amusing match, mostly because Jillian trying the twin magic switch with Maryse, on the

account of them having blond hair. This does not really work as well. Then the Bella Twins switch for real and Jillian ends up getting pinned. Other than the amusement of Jillian outgunning the Bella Twins, fairly decent divas match.

Recap of the recent events between John Cena and the Nexus and the lead up to WWE Money in the Back 2011.

Chris Jericho defeated Yoshi Tatsu

A rare WWE Superstars appearance for Chris Jericho, who is running down to the very end of his WWE Run. Yoshi manages to really have a nice little bit of offense from Jericho, which makes for an even match, if the ending is of little doubt a lot of the time. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Yoshi Tatsu and Yoshi struggles but has no choice but to tap out.

Decent main event but below par WWE Superstars otherwise.


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