Wwe Superstars 03/11/10

Our next trip down the retro wrestling rabbit hole is for WWE Superstars on March 11th 2010. On that show, we'll see a huge tag team main event, with MVP and Christian taking on the duo of Chavo Guerrero and Carlito. Plus, Dolph Ziggler meets Shelton Benjamin, Mike Knox takes on Goldust, and Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars, Zack Ryder takes on Santino Marella. Kick back and put the feet on the desk as we watch some WWE Superstars 3/11/10.

WWE Superstars 3/11/10

Dolph Ziggler defeated Shelton Benjamin

This is the purest most obvious example of what someone might call a fun

sprint, where both men go through about a ten minute match in about four minutes. Rather short encounter this week, with Ziggler just applying a sleeperhold. You should think that Shelton would fight out but no, the match is over and Ziggler gets the win.

Goldust pinned Mike Knox

Man sized cross body block by Knox but Goldust hits the Final Cut before this match really gets rolling. What was fair but I would have liked to see a longer match right between these two men. Rather disappointing to see Goldust and Mike Knox get less than three minutes on Superstars. Then again, Knox is on the way down and future endeavored next month.

Zack Ryder pinned Santino Marella

This is historic for the

first time that Santino actually connected with the Cobra. Zack Ryder manages to avoid certain doom, with help of his valet, Rosa Mendes. Rough Ryder sets up the Zack Attack to score the pin. Well Ryder gets another win, amazing that happens. Fun little bout between these two on WWE Superstars.

MVP and Christian defeated Chavo Guerrero and Carlito

Carlito has his NXT Season 1 Rookie Michael Tarver and Christian has his NXT Season 1 Rookie Heath Slater out with him. That was a nice touch for the first few seasons of NXT, where the rookies would come out. It kind of rather went south into Season 3 and most certainly into Season 4. Pretty solid tag team match, with MVP playing face in peril. Christian hot tags and we run wild. MVP takes out Carlito and Christian flips the switch, Killswitch on Chavo after he misses the Frog Splash for the win. Solid way to end Superstars.

Three really short preliminary matches and a pretty good tag team main event, makes this a slightly above average WWE Superstars.


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