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It also counts as the saying title: good seed, good harvest. With With or without you (U2) background, and after a busy day in relations, replied to Mary about the usefulness of participating in professional networks. I begin with this quote. - "We are creating a space where people of this planet can sustain a new kind of rapport: I want to be able to interact fully with the consciousness that is trying to reach me" John Perry Barlow (co-founder of Electronic Frontier Foundation).

My first work related to business management, intern at a law economists and lawyers, I got through

Luís, a contact that I knew by his activity as professor of the School of Business (Thanks Luis). My second job, director of internal audit, although I was elected by a recruiter, the approach was made by Marina, the Association of Economists (Thanks Marina). In my experience in transportation, catharsis was a person who knew me professionally, Pepe, and business organization since the private education sector went through a selection made by the institution itself. As Mary observe, 50% of my collaborations I have gotten from professional accessions (the network of contacts is a very common and effective strategy for finding a job, according to recent studies, 70% of jobs are filled through it ).

However, from 1998 begin to devote to strategic consulting and acquires real importance is when achieving collaborations across people or companies who know me and know how to work: word of mouth (well, my two recent past experiences participate in selection of managers have been through SICI Dominus and BOYDEN INTERNATIONAL RECRUITING and in both situations, the contact was through a job portal). In parallel, I act transmission belt between my contacts and potential suppliers of products or services. In short: in my case, it is very important to work proactively (not hypocritically) contact networks, recognizing that sometimes I do better than others, but always with a sincere attitude.

But networking is good not only for employment but also for other activities equally or more important than the job search. To me it generated, for example, I got moved lecture notes of the power, because of work, could not attend (to change, typing texts to my study group) or in the doctoral program of knowledge New sources of information and analysis fronts. Also, in their professional activity, there has always been someone that I've helped out with a question or need to have a second or

third opinion on possible solutions to a business problem.

But you can not be selfish, tapped, a manipulator, a hypocrite, a liar or a comedian. Whenever conditions are intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual, you have to try to return to your contact list, double what you get and, in any case, be formal, proactive and act interdependently (the good seed, receives bumper crop). Thus, it will be useful in the short and especially long term, the network in which you participate.

And now enjoy the nebula Internet with the full range of communication possibilities offered (and also new risks). I believe that the World Wide Web (the mother of all networks) has many more benefits than harm and always be on time to establish barriers, firewalls, remove spam or comment that is out of place, get out of a certain group, etc. . For Tom Lambert, networking is probably the only efficient way for the "one man bands" try to exploit the wider market. "" Networking "speaks of relationship with individuals or companies who can sernos of interest, through other you might know well enough to be aware of the opportunities and possibilities that arise and that may interest you.

I participate in several networking (working the network, according to Tom Lambert) and acknowledge that there is enough time I spend (I'm seriously thinking unsubscribed in two of them). The utility more interesting to me is providing you the comets and you've moved: for now I am investing in this project, so that in the future let me stay in touch with other professionals and companies from both a business standpoint as the ongoing training or retraining.

I conclude with a review of Manuel Castells (The Internet Galaxy, edit. Arete), to reflect: I guess someone could say, "Why do not you leave me alone? I do not want to hear about your Internet, your technological civilization, its society network! All I want is to live my life! "Very well, if that if I have bad news for you: if you are not related to the networks, the networks do relate with you. While society wants to continue living in this time and in this place, you will have to deal with the network society. Because we live in the Internet Galaxy. "

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