Wwe Sunday Night Heat 01/17/99

WWF Sunday Night Heat for January 17th 1999 is Part 100 in the WWF Attitude Era Series. Mr. McMahon throws out the challenge to Chyna to compete against her in the Arm Wrestling Match. This is WWF Sunday Night Heat 1/17/99, Part 100 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Sunday Night Heat 1/17/99

The Corporation is out, with the Rock mocking Kane and Mr. McMahon making some matches for the next night on RAW. Mankind takes on Big Bossman and Test takes on Billy Gunn. Also he will take care of Chyna in Arm Wrestling. Shane comes out to inform his

father that Shawn Michaels has enacted his powers as WWE Commissioner and it will be Kane against the Rock as well.

Tiger Ali Singh defeated Gillberg

0-2 for Gillberg and Tiger Ali Singh takes down Gillberg rather handily to score the pin.

Mark Henry tries to insist that nothing happened involving Sammy but it appears that Mark Henry does protest a bit too much and obviously something has disturbed him. And oh believe me, it is disturbing.

Scorpio pinned Mark Henry

Roll up win by Scorpio and Mark Henry looks to be distracted. Chyna announces that Henry has twenty four hours. I bet you all can't wait for this glorious payoff. Match was absolute dreck and not that good.

Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defeated Gangrel and Edge

A pretty decent tag team match between the number one contenders for the World Wrestling Federation Title and two thirds right of the Brood. Road Dogg gets right involved to get some revenge on Gangrel. The distraction allows Jarrett and Owen to continue their winning ways as a tag team on Heat.

Epic look

at the I Quit Match between Mankind and the Rock coming up at the Royal Rumble.

Goldust cuts a promo with Head, painted right in gold, saying that he has head and as long as Goldust has Head, Al Snow won't be getting Head.

The Godfather defeated Goldust

This is your wrestling main event. Al Snow is dressed in drag and Goldust is distracted, as Snow tries to take back Head. Godfather wins and Snow appears to have gotten Head back from Goldust.

Recap of Mr. McMahon chasing a chicken to train for the Royal Rumble.

Arm wrestling time. Attempted swap by Shane with Luna Vachon for Mr. McMahon but Sable runs out and attacks Luna, brawling with her. We have an arm wrestling match and it is a titanic struggle. Thanks to their bumbling antics, Patterson and Brisco cost Mr. McMahon the match, and Chyna wins.

Patterson and Brisco try to get a match with Chyna but Chyna accepts a challenge. So Heat ends with Chyna taking on Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in a handicap match on RAW.

WWF RAW is WAR for January 18th 1999 features the Rock taking on Kane and the WWF Champion Mankind taking on the Big Bossman. That is Part 101 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.


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