Wwe Summerslam 2012 Results

WWE Summerslam 2012 featured two huge main event matches. First, Brock Lesnar will square off against Triple H one on one. Then the WWE Champion CM Punk defended his title in a Triple Threat Match against John Cena and the Big Show. The biggest event of the summer is WWE Summerslam 2012. The results and recap are a click away.

WWE Summerslam 2012 Recap and Results.

Antonio Cesaro pinned Santino Marella to win the WWE United States Championship. Cesaro said he was greatness in five different languages. The cobra was ripped up which fired Santino. Santino had a backup cobra, but Aksana

distracted the Cobra. Antonio came in and hit the Neutralizer for the pin. Antonio Cesaro won the United States Championship at the YouTube Pre Show.

Chris Jericho made Dolph Ziggler with the Walls of Jericho. Despite injured ribs, Jericho fought Ziggler. Money in the Bank holder or not, Ziggler went with a fight. Vickie got involved but Jericho avoided that. Walls of Jericho made Ziggler tap out. Chris Jericho won in a good match at WWE Summerslam.

Daniel Bryan pinned Kane with a cradle. Typical match between a big man in Kane and a little man in Daniel Bryan. Kane beat down Bryan, Bryan fired back. Tombstone is tried but Daniel Bryan reversed it for the pin. Daniel Bryan bolted out and Kane was not happy.

The Miz retained the WWE Intercontinental Championship over Rey Mysterio. Rey really has lost a step or two in recent years, but this was still a decent match. The rebuilding the Miz continued tonight, with the first Skull Crushing Finale blocked. Second one got the pin and the Miz remained the WWE Intercontinental Champion.

CM Punk declared that A.J. will show him some respect tonight.

Sheamus pinned Alberto Del Rio with the Irish Curse to retain the World Championship. This bout at WWE Summerslam was what it was. Ricardo tried to get involved with a shoe but Sheamus fought him off. The foot was put underneath the bottom rope so this feud must to continue.

Triple H said tonight's match with Brock Lesnar will be a fight

to the finish. No disqualification and no countout, that might have been the sort of thing that you might want to advertise before hand WWE.

WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston retained over Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, the Prime Time Players. Match was much like a RAW match. O'Neil and Young really are not much, even if they try. R-Truth hit the Little Jimmy on Young and retained the titles here at Summerslam.

CM Punk retained the WWE Championship over the Big Show and John Cena. Essentially this bout was about every Triple Threat Match we have seen in WWE. The Vengeance 2002 triple threat match between Undertaker, the Rock, and Kurt Angle remained the gold standard. CM Punk once again played second fiddle. Punk knocked Cena out of the ring after the Big Show was laid out with the Attitude Adjustment and pinned the Big Show. Cena against Punk seemed likely for Night of Champions after this.

Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H with the Kimura. Pretty good main event match, with the drama unfolded well. Lesnar was a machine and Triple H was determined, but he showed that he might not be the Cerebral Assassin of old. Pedigree connected but Lesnar slapped on the Kimura. Triple H lost and tapped out. This one might be the end for Triple H. Brock Lesnar going for the streak may be the end game of this thing, but who knows. Still Lesnar against Undertaker seemed to be the logical next match for Mania.

WWE Summerslam 2012 had some decent action but it was a true middle in the road effort as far as Summerslams past go.

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