Wwe Smackdown Spoilers 3/9/12

It is now time for the WWE Smackdown Spoilers for March 9th 2012, taped on March 6th 2012. If you do not want to be spoiled for WWE Smackdown 3/9/12, taped 3/6/12, then please check out right now. Otherwise enjoy these WWE Smackdown Spoilers 3/9/12, along with WWE NXT 3/7/12 and WWE Superstars 3/8/12.

WWE Smackdown Spoilers 3/9/12

In a dark match, Xavier Woods picked up the win over Hunico.

WWE NXT Results 3/7/12

Let’s see what the new and improved NXT under William Regal has to bring.

Tamina defeats Maxine.

Johnny Curtis scores the win over Yoshi Tatsu.

Darren Young triumphs over Jey Uso.

Percy Watson settles

the score over Titus O’Neil. Seems like the same old, same old, for the show that never ends on paper, but let’s see how it plays out on television.

WWE Superstars Results 3/8/12

Justin Gabriel pinned Heath Slater. This match seemed to happen a million times on NXT and Superstars over the past few months but always good.

Jinder Mahal defeated Ted DiBiase with the Camel Clutch.

WWE Smackdown Results 3/9/12

Santino Marella successfully kept the WWE United States Title over Jack Swagger inside the confines of a steel cage.

Teddy Long tries to get John Laurinaitis to change the match between Kane and Aksana but Johnny Boy is not biting. A John Laurinaitis vs.

Teddy Long match is made. How dare WWE give away a potential Wrestlemania main event like that!

Drew McIntyre gets another chance to keep his job against a mystery opponent. The Great Khali is teased but his real opponent is out.

Drew McIntyre beat Hornswoggle. Then the Great Khali comes out and beats down McIntyre.

Mark Henry pinned Ezekiel Jackson in about two minutes.

Teddy Long defeated John Laurinaitis. As a result, Aksana and Kane is called off.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth won a non title match over Epico and Primo.

Segment with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus hyping up their opening match main event at Wrestlemania 28.

Randy Orton, the Big Show, and Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and the Miz when Orton pinned Miz. Kane tried to attack Randy Orton, but Orton took him down with the RKO.

Those were your WWE Smackdown Spoilers 3/9/12

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