Wwe Smackdown Spoilers 11/11/11

Itís time for the WWE Smackdown spoilers for this week. This episode of WWE Smackdown was taped on November 8th 2011, but will be airing on November 11th 2011. If you donít want to read spoilers for this weekís Smackdown, along with Superstars and NXT, then please check out right there. Otherwise enjoy the WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 11/11/11 WWE Smackdown Spoilers 11/8/11 Justin Gabriel defeated an UK Independent Wrestler named Lionheart in dark match. NXT Results 11/9/11 We set up a tag team match featuring Percy Watson and Titus OíNeil against Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis in tonightís main event. Even winning this
show is no escape. Tyson Kidd defeated Trent Barreta. Maxine slaps Johnny Curtis in a segment backstage. There is a segment between JTG and Tamina where the Usos stop by. This leads to Jimmy Uso against JTG. Jimmy Uso pinned JTG Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman defeated Titus OíNeil and Percy Watson WWE Superstars Results 11/10/11 Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal. This should be an awesome match. WWE Smackdown Results 11/11/11 We open up with hype with the Team Barrett vs. Team Orton match
at Survivor Series, which sets up Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett and Sheamus vs. Christian later tonight. Sheamus won another match with Christian getting the win with the Celtic Cross. Daniel Bryan talks about how he had planned to cash in on the Money in the Bank briefcase with Mark Henry last week. Henry promises further pain for Daniel Bryan. Ted DiBiase defeated Jinder Mahal. Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan. Then after the match, Mark Henry beat up Bryan and tried to break his leg with a chair. The Big Show prevented that from happening. The Big Show won a three on one handicap match. Mark Henry talked some trash about Big Show. Alicia Fox won a match with Tamina. Hunico and Epico defeated the Usos. Primo joined up with Hunico and Epico, beating down the Uso Brothers. Wade Barrett pinned Randy Orton with a roll up after raking his eyes. These are your WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 11/8/11 from Liverpool England, airing on 11/11/11.

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