Wwe Smackdown 8/30/11

Welcome to a special live Tuesday addition of WWE Smackdown. Given that it’s live, your usual round of Smackdown Spoilers would not be possible, because this show is live and not taped. Instead this is WWE Smackdown from August 30th 2011, a Super Smackdown down in many ways, as we feature our feature bout inside a steel cage, with Randy Orton defending the World Heavyweight Title against Christian. Miss this show? Watch the replay at the usual time on 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Sy Fy on Friday Night.

WWE Smackdown 8/30/11

Out comes John Cena to cut a promo. He namedrops

the XFL when talking about the superstars of WWE name branded shows. Sometimes, John Cena just rules. Sure the reference flew over the heads of the younger children in the audience, but hey, if it amuses me, then it’s a win. Out comes Ricardo, who keeps saying Alberto’s name over and over and over again. Like a busted record, until Cena tells him to knock it off. Then knocks him out. Out comes Wade Barrett to have some words with John Cena. Remember when this was the biggest feud in 2010? More on that in a minute. Cena remarks that he’s been waiting for another crack at Barrett. Continuity, I love it.

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett

Yeah, Cena kind of crushes Wade Barrett. Well so much for him. He wins with the Attitude Adjusment in short order. This headlined several Pay Per Views in 2010 and now it’s a three minute squash match on Smackdown in 2011. I’m pretty sure if I thought of it, I can think of a bigger fall from grace. Actually, King Kong Bundy going from main eventing Wrestlemania 2 to competing against midgets at Wrestlemania 3. Maybe Matt Har…no let’s not go there, shall we.

Mark Henry doesn’t care who he faces, because someone’s going to get inducted into the hall of pain.

Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan

I assumed the proper Daniel Bryan match on Smackdown position, as in, I muted the sound. Sin Cara is Hunico this time. Looks to be permanent, but who really knows at this point. Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara had a pretty good match. I think WWE realized that they needed an opponent to make sure Sin Cara didn’t pull the fiasco that he did with Heath Slater last week, on the taped show, and realized the only many for the job is Daniel Bryan. Quebrada gets the win for Sin Cara but this match was a pretty good five minute match. Likely much better without sound than it was without. After the fact, both men go to shake hands, but Sin Cara beats Daniel Bryan down. Maybe we will do good Sin Cara against evil Sin Cara after all. Then again, I’m sure I know about as much as the rest of you right now about this and that’s only a tiny bit less than WWE.

Air Boom have a chat with Matt Striker. Hopefully they’ll be a solid part of the tag team division.

A look at Randy Orton against Christian and their history.

Matt Striker is standing by with Christian. Christian will get the World Heavyweight Championship back tonight.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox

This was fine. Divas are just there these days. Beth Phoenix gets the win with the Glam Slam on Alicia Fox.

The Contract Signing Between Triple H and CM Punk at Night of Champions

Contract signing, wonderful, I’m so sick of contract signings in wrestling. Every match doesn’t need a contract signing and it doesn’t make it any better. Triple H apologizes to CM Punk about how the

match was changed, but Punk waves it off, saying that nothing surprises him. Punk compares Triple H to Vince McMahon, they can’t keep things business, everything has to be personal. Triple H got Punk his new music, bought the rights. Punk wants to face the Cerebral Assassin. Triple H disagrees that he’s like Vince McMahon, as he won’t take a beating because it’s good for business, rather he’ll just beat Punk. Then cue the porno music and out comes Kevin Nash, who makes his way out and bust Punk for a loop with a big boot. Nash and Triple H get into it, which makes me think Triple Threat soon. This feud started out awesome and now it’s just merely really good but my interest is not what it was earlier in the summer. Maybe it’s just me. In fact, it’s must likely just me.

Sheamus defeated the Great Khali via disqualification

This was hyped to be Punk and Khali but was changed. Not much to talk about. Short and not that offensive. Jinder Mihal runs in for the disqualification. Then Sheamus beats up everyone after the match.

Look at Inside Out. A funny wrestling related coincidence, as Triple H’s name in the movie is AJ. That’s slightly funny on one wrestling related account and really hilarious on another and I’ll leave that up as an exercise to the reader to figure out which account is which.

Randy Orton defeated Christian in the Steel Cage Match to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Match is rather overplayed, but this was still a rather great match. These two men have some great chemistry with each other. With that fact in mind, I never want to see this match again. It’s on the list with Jeff Jarrett against Kurt Angle, Dolph Ziggler against Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton against John Cena. Lots of nearfalls in this match, back and forth action, but in the end, an RKO off of the top rope These two men really went all out for a great match.

After the match, Mark Henry comes out and beats up Randy Orton, setting up their title match for Night of Champions.

Why You Should Watch WWE Smackdown 8/30/11

Randy Orton vs. Christian and Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan were rather enjoyable. I enjoyed the XFL shout out. The rest of the show as merely there.

WWE Smackdown Results 8/30/11

John Cena defeated Wade Barrett

Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan

Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated Alicia Fox and Kelly Kelly.

CM Punk and Triple H had a contract signing, when Kevin Nash crashed the party.

Sheamus defeated the Great Khali via disqualification.

Randy Orton retained the World Heavyweight Title in a steel cage match against Christian.


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