Wwe Smackdown 4/1/11

WWE Smackdown that aired on April 1st 2011 was the final stop at the Road to Wrestlemania 27. It was not much of a show to speak of in the ring, wrestling wise, but it was a great infomercial for Wrestlemania 27, with several video packages and segments with Todd Grisham and Bella Twins at Fan Axxes.

WWE Smackdown 4/1/11 Report:

Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett via disqualification when the Corre interfered.

It should be noted that all of these matches, along with the matches on NXT and Superstars, were taped this past Monday after RAW. This match was short

and was decent, although not as good as the match was last week. The Corre rushed in for the disqualification, but out rushes Koslov, Santino, Big Show, and Kane.

Also, it should be noted that at Fan Axess, Vladimir Koslov had a match with Tyler Reks that I'm sure would be a main event on any episode of WWE Superstars, in the country, but Koslov was attacked by the Corre. As a result, Koslov is likely out and likely will be replaced by Kofi Kingston, who actually will get a spot on the show after all. At least that's what it seems to be.

Recap of last week where Cody Rhodes laid a beating on Rey Mysterio. Then Rhodes talks to Matt Striker, promising to punish Mysterio with both his knee brace and his face guard.

The Bella Twins and Todd Grisham are at Fan Axxess. We see Hornswoggle's house and the limo that Vince McMahon got blown up in or so we thought.

Recap of the events leading up to the Undertaker against Triple H this Sunday at Wrestlemania 27.

Recap of the events leading up to CM Punk against Randy Orton this Sunday at Wrestlemania 27.

The Hall of Fame Inductees for 2011 are as follows. Hacksaw Jim Duggan to be inducted by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, Abdullah the Butcher will be inducted by Terry Funk, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering to be inducted by Dusty Rhodes, Drew Carey will be inducted by Kane, Bullet Bob Armstrong to be inducted by his sons(which means the Road Dogg will be in the house), Sunny to be inducted by the WWE Divas, and last but certainly not least, Shawn Michaels, to be inducted by Triple H. That is your WWE Hall of Fame, Class of


Tough Enough starts this Monday, along with RAW and the Hall of Fame replay. A big night of wrestling this Monday, April 4th 2011, with the return of Tough Enough with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Recap from the events on RAW, where Lawler beat Swagger with a chair and then Michael Cole hid in his Cole Mine.

Jerry Lawler cuts a great promo. He says that Jack Swagger won't be a factor this Sunday, because “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will deal with him. Lawler promises to shut Cole up once and for all. Hopefully so, Jerry.

The Wrestlemania press conference is shown.

Sin Cara is coming on April 4th 2011, on RAW. Hopefully it will be good.

The six person tag team match, with Trish Stratus, Snooki, and John Morrison against Laycool and Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero is hyped up for this Sunday at Wrestlemania 27.

Alberto Del Rio and Edge is hyped up for this Sunday. Both men will be colliding for the World Heavyweight Title at you guessed in, Wrestlemania 27.

Cody Rhodes pinned Chris Masters with the Cross Rhodes.

This had the makings of a great Superstars match but was too short. Masters goes for the Masterlock, but Rhodes counters with a Headbutt with the face mask and then hits him with the Cross Rhodes.

Out comes Rey Mysterio to get himself of Cody Rhodes, but Rhodes fights him off. Rey fights off Rhodes and hits a headscissors takeover. 6-1-9 is set up, with Rey revealing the knee brace but Rhodes bails. Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio will settle the score, when they go one on one with Sunday at WWE Wrestlemania 27.

A recap of Chris Jericho's performance on Dancing with the Stars is shown.

We close out with the events on RAW between John Cena, The Rock, and the Miz. Oh and Alex Riley was there as well.

Thoughts on the Show: Wrestlemania 27 is Sunday. Time to get hyped!


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