Wwe Smackdown 2/4/11

Time to take a look at WWE Smackdown from 2/4/11 featuring Edge and Kelly Kelly taking on Dolph Ziggler and Laycool in a handicap match, with Edge's title on the line and the Spear being banned for Edge.

WWE Smackdown 2/4/11

Quick Results:

The Corre of Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeated Vladimir Koslov and Santino in a non title match.

Drew McIntyre defeated Kofi Kingston to enter the Elimination Chamber after a distraction by Alberto Del Rio

Rey Mysterio pinned Jack Swagger with a roll up to enter the Elimination Chamber.

Kane obliterated Chavo Guerrero for a spot inside Elimination Chamber.

Wade Barrett beat the Big

Show after a distraction from the Corre. Big Show cleaned house afterwards but Ezekiel Jackson bodyslammed the Big Show!

Edge and Kelly Kelly defeated Laycool and Dolph Ziggler for Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Title when Kelly Kelly pinned Layla with the Spear. Afterwards Vickie Guerrero fired Kelly Kelly and made Dolph Ziggler against Edge.

What I Liked:

Rey Mysterio had a rocking little match with Jack Swagger. These two always have some good stuff in the ring and this was no exception.

I did enjoy the stuff with Del Rio and Hornswoggle, especially Del Rio engaging in a nice bit of beating up the midget. Kofi and Del Rio will be a nice stop gap little program.

Wade Barrett and the Big Show as not much of a match to speak of. However, the aftermath with Zeke slamming the Big Show as impressive. Zeke could be something special.

Nexus Wolfpac beat the useless WWE Tag Team Champions in a non title match, hopefully setting up a title change, and perhaps the potential of a Nexus Wolfpac vs. Nexus Black and White Match at Wrestlemania for the Unified Tag Team. Although they better do the deal with any two members of Nexus Wolfpac can defend the titles.

Booker T on commentary was a very tentative like. He had his moments. I think he'll improve in the weeks to come. Also between Booker T being a coach on Tough Enough and Steve Austin being the host, it might be watchable. At least more so then NXT. And Booker T did get some good shots in on Cole,

which made me smile.

What I Didn't Like:

Michael Cole on commentary. He's killing the show more and more. He's trying to be a play by play guy and a heel color commentator and its just not working. They booted Striker for Booker but really they should have booted Cole.

I really had no idea what the hell Kelly Kelly was talking about during that opening segment, about Vickie Guerrero going through her stuff backstage. Its like a TNA storyline, where they put Devon's sons out their without any context or prior build up.

And then the main event happened and it was really not all that good. Kelly wins with the spear on Layla. Then Vickie fires Kelly. Then Kelly is acting(although to be fair a more convincing job then usual). Then Vickie makes Edge against Dolph with her as the referee. Then she laughs like the demented demon spawn of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Joker.

As long as I live, I never want to see another Kofi Kingston/Drew McIntyre match. I had my fill of them in 2010. Its just like the midcard version of Orton/Cena. I'm sure it was a decent match but not into it.

I sometimes get the feeling that Chavo is still paying for going to that TNA show three years ago. On that weekend, he lost to Kane in eight seconds. This time, Kane took slightly longer to beat Chavo. Kane is in the Elimination Chamber. Yay.

Overall a fairly decent Smackdown. We'll see if Dolph can find a way to fail yet again despite a biased referee next week. Will I actually make it two in a row? Stay tuned.


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