Wwe Smackdown 2/21/12

Tonight on a special live Tuesday Smackdown for February 21st 2012, The World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan goes against WWE Champion CM Punk in a champion vs. Champion match. Let’s not waste any time on this show. Time to recap and review all of the highlights of WWE Smackdown 2/21/12

WWE Smackdown 2/21/12

Daniel Bryan is out, talking about how he is going to Wrestlemania 28, to defend the championship when no one believed in him. Before we can really get going, the Miz is out to the ring. In a swerve, the Miz says he knew from day one that Daniel

Bryan would be a champion and he is proud of him, that he followed in his footsteps. After Wrestlemania 28, they should form a tag team. That would actually be perhaps the best tag team championship duo ever, but I must have vignettes. Sheamus is out, telling the Miz to buzz off, fella, and let those who actually have a match at Wrestlemania talk. Ouch. Daniel Bryan knocks Sheamus from behind but leaves the Miz holding the back as he bolts with AJ. Sheamus gives Miz a beating. Pretty intriguing opening segment all things considered.

Sheamus pinned the Miz

Fair enough opening match. There was no way the Miz was winning tonight obviously as the Sheamus train continues to roll to Wrestlemania 28. Sheamus scores the victory with the Air Riad Crash, formally known as the Celtic Cross as used by Finlay.

Teddy Long is trying to get the moves on Aksana. Here’s Johnny! Johnny Laurinaitis and David Otunga are not down with this type of behavior. As it turns out, their office is in the men’s room.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Ziggler and Swagger win this match in short order, with Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag on Kofi to get the win. Short, very short.

Segment with Santino practicing to do the Cobra but Heath Slater enters and screws with Santino, by knocking over the cups. Oh no you didn’t, Wendy’s girl.

The Great Khali defeated Drew McIntyre

Poor Drew.

The Big Show promises pain for Cody Rhodes.

Mark Henry and the Big Show battled to a no contest.

Yes, this is a match that we’ve seen many times all. I’m reminded why I don’t normally watch Smackdown. Cody Rhodes is on the ramp, as Show knocks out Henry and goes after Cody Rhodes like a goon and the match just ends. Whatever. I really have no idea where they’re going with this right now. Shaq vs. Big Show was the plan but there might be some kind of tag team match involving Cody Rhodes and another heel. Perhaps Miz, it

is not like he has anything better to do.

David Otunga defeated Ezekiel Jackson

Nine million wrestlers drop dead from injuries so this is the bottom of the barrel, with NXT being below the bottom of the barrel as far as WWE is concerned(even if it is highly likely that it may be the best show of the week this week, go figure). The Verdict gets the pin. Because the RAW match was so great we had to see it again.

CM Punk has some words about his match with Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan battled CM Punk to a double pinfall off of a superplex

I thought this match was good but I liked their first match better. Another finish that was not quite decisive. Now WWE should really set up another huge match for these two on Pay Per View after Wrestlemania 28 so we can have a decisive finish.. Might be a good time to dust off the Iron Man Match as these two are guys who can handle it. Match was restarted twice, once by John Laurinaitis and once by Teddy Long. Then we had a rather old school finish with the double pin off of the superplex. Hadn’t seen that one in years.

John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long go face to face. Surely they aren’t going to wrestle each other. And this is how Smackdown ends.

Why You Should Watch WWE Smackdown 2/21/12

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk naturally even with the screwiness. Their match the night after the Royal Rumble as better however. Kind of a flat Smackdown, as its obvious injuries, whether it be people being out from them or people working through them are effecting the presentation of the show.

WWE Smackdown Results 2/21/12

Sheamus pinned the Miz.

Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

The Great Khali defeated Drew McIntrye

Mark Henry battled the Big Show to a no contest.

David Otunga defeated Ezekiel Jackson

Daniel Bryan battled CM Punk to a double pin.

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