Wwe Smackdown 09/14/12 Spoilers

The WWE Smackdown Spoilers for September 14th 2012 took place on September 12th 2012 from Ottawa Ontario Canada. This is the final WWE Smackdown taping before Night of Champions. Readers should head into the report for the WWE Smackdown Results for 9/14/12(or 14/09/12) along with WWE Saturday Morning Slam and WWE Superstars spoilers. Past this point, spoilers for all three shows are listed.

Rey Mysterio picked up the win over Michael McGillicutty on Saturday Morning Slam.

Natalya picked up the win over Alicia Fox as part of WWE Superstars.

Cody Rhodes scored a victory over Zack Ryder as part of WWE Superstars.

Smackdown proper

started up with Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodiguez, and David Otunga cutting promos in the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus entered the ring and we had some back and forth. The segment ended with Sheamus destroying Otunga. Obvious to build for this Sunday’s Night of Champions Pay Per View.

Sin Cara picked up the win over the WWE Intercontinental Champion the Miz in a non title match. Miz continues his Honky Tonk Man style reign. Not that’s a bad thing, as HTM was the man but still he loses. This bout

sets up Miz against Sin Cara for the WWE Intercontinental Title.

Kane picked up the win over Kofi Kingston. The Choke Slam ended the night for young Mr. Kingston.

Randy Orton picked up the win over Tensai with the RKO. This might be decent or it might be a train wreck. You never know with Randy Orton and you never really know with Tensai.

Kaitlyn picked up the win over Beth Phoenix.

In the main event, the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus made Daniel Bryan tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf. Yeah, this match again but at least it’s a good solid match and really, there’s not much more to ask for.

These were your WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 09/14/12 airing on the Sy Fy Network.





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