Wwe Smackdown 06/22/12 Spoilers

It is now time to run down the WWE Smackdown Spoilers for June 22nd 2012, for the show that was taped on June 19th 2012. If you do not want to read spoilers for this week's episode of WWE Smackdown, then please tune out right now. Otherwise press on, for another set of spoilers from WWE Smackdown 6/22/12(or 22/6/12 should you prefer), along with the Smackdown portion of WWE Superstars for 6/21/12(or 21/6/12).

WWE Smackdown 6/21/12 Spoilers

Damien Sandow picked up the win in a dark match.

Sin Cara scored the win over Antonio Cesaro via countout in a second dark match.

WWE Superstars

6/21/12 Spoilers

Hunico scores the win over Ezekiel Jackson using a huge flipping senton. Hunico seems to be on a roll on WWE Superstars, maybe it will translate into something later on.

WWE Smackdown 6/22/12 Spoilers

Teddy Long is out but Big Show announces his involvement in the Money in the Bank Match. Brodus Clay comes out and we have a fight between Brodus and Big Show and Otunga is out to distract Brodus, allowing Big Show to knock him out.

Ryback won over some fresh meat. Feed him more.

Alberto Del Rio picked up the win over the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian in a non title match. Cross Arm Breaker picks up the win over Christian.

A.J. was the special guest time keeper for the next match, when Kane scored the win over

Daniel Bryan with the Choke Slam. False finish with the YES! Lock, with A.J ringing the bell which may hint that she and Daniel Bryan might be on the same page.

Mick Foley and Heath Slater have a segment where Foley makes Heath Slater against Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder triumphed in a match over Heath Slater.

Segment backstage where Damien Sandow put down Zack Ryder.

In tag team action, the Prime Time Players of Titus O'Neil and Darren Young with A.W. defeated the Usos.

Triple H came out for his weekly appearance for the crowd and hit the Pedigree to Jack Swagger. I hope no one thinks that they buried Swagger, because you see, they would have to have a future to be buried.

The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the title with the Brogue Kick.

In the post show dark match, John Cena defeated David Otunga and the Big Show.

There are your WWE Smackdown Spoilers for June 22nd 2012. Watch WWE Smackdown 6/22/12 on the Sy Fy Network at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.  

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