Wwe Raw 7/4/11

Welcome to WWE RAW from July 4th 2011, taped in Las Vegas on June 27th 2011. We have Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, and Rey Mysterio to declare a new number one contender for the WWE Championship, The Miz takes on Alex Riley, and Mr. McMahon is here to make an announcement about CM Punk's suspension. This is RAW for July 4th 2011, airing the USA Network at 9:00 PM in the United States and around the world at other times.

WWE RAW Results 7/4/11

A look at what CM Punk said last week.

John Cena is down to the ring, to talk about

the indefinite suspension of CM Punk. Which sucks according to John Cena. Punk is erased from history. Yeah just like Chr...(GETS SHOT!) They might not have seen eye to eye, but John Cena accepts Punk's right to say what he wants to say and his right to say it. Cena talks about freedom of speech. He talks the tiegate(aka Daniel Bryan tie choking and subsequent temporarily future endeavoring) and then taking of signs. Which I kind of agree with in principle, there are sometimes people who are obnoxious with signs, waving them around when you're trying to watch a match at the shows. I don't agree with the reason they take away the signs but really hold up your signs when there is no action in the ring. He wants answers from Vince McMahon tonight and he will get them before the end of the night.

Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres defeated the Bella Twins.


This was a token diva match. Nothing too offensive to be bad all together. Kelly Kelly gets the pin for her team.

A look at TNA's Gunner and his amazing victory on Tough Enough. Yeah I know his name is Andy something or other, but he'll be future endeavored in a year, so who cares. Ask Daniel Puder what kind of job security winning Tough Enough gives you.

R-Truth is backstage. He just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico. Someone is going to get got tonight. Tonight its Alberto's destiny to win and get the WWE Championship.

David Otunga and Michael McGillicuty defeated Vladimir Koslov and Santino Marella.

The entire tag team division(other than the Major Broskis), are in action tonight. Twas not a good match. Santino teases some Sweet Chin Music, freaking out Otunga. Then the New Nexus win. The Tag team division is at its most ill.

Speaking of Major Broskis, "That Woo Woo Kid, The Long Island Iced Z, The Most Downloaded WWE Superstar on YouTube, The Man With the Tan, The Battling Browski, Slayer of Angry Russians, The Headband Wearing Herald, The Biggest Superstar in the History of Monday Night Wrestling, Internet Innovator, The Choice of Any Generation and Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars" Zack Ryder makes a cameo and it is really great.

Miz is backstage, saying that he's angry that he doesn't have a chance to get a title shot but he has this match to Alex Riley. He's going to take Riley out for good tonight.

Evan Bourne is out with Sgt. Slaughter for the Pledge of Allegiance. That thing, just that thing, almost every morning for fourteen years. Such a forced display of patriotism imposed on us by the American school system and you wonder why this generation is so screwed up and bitter. Out comes Jack Swagger saying that he could do it, because Slaughter betrayed the entire nation for Iraq back in 1991. Man has a point. Slaughter says everyone makes mistakes, including Swagger's parents when they didn't use birth control. Ouch!

Jack Swagger pinned Sgt. Slaughter.

Short and not all that offensive. Swagger wins with the Vader Bomb out of the corner. Afterwards, Swagger beats up Slaughter but Evan Bourne makes the save. Then they recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

A look at Mark Henry's destruction of the Big Show which sadly kind of got forgotten due to Punk's promo and was almost as awesome. Considering we got Mark Henry challenging Orton for the title at Summerslam, they are making him out to be quite the force of destruction.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio and R-Truth.

Lots of high impact and back and forth action. The match of the evening by a country mile and lots of great action, nearfalls, and drama. Obviously highest recommendation to check out this match by any means, both fair and foul if you didn't watch RAW. Rey has the win but Alberto swoops in and hits the Cross Armbreaker on Rey. Rey has no choice but to

tap out and Alberto Del Rio is one step closer to achieving his destiny of being WWE Champion!

And now we continue the new feud that will not die, between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler, There is a cake out there, so anyone who has watched wrestling for even a minute should most likely have a good idea what's going to happen. Its the birthday of the US so it might as well be Dolph's birthday. The United States Championship is the only title that matters. Out comes Kofi Kingston who says Dolph Ziggler can't beat him without Vickie Guerrero. Dolph tries to dismiss Kofi but Kofi sends Vickie Guerrero into the cake. Sometimes the old tricks are the best. Dolph and Kofi brawl and there goes Vickie into the cake again. Wacky and fun but it sets up a match I have negative interest in ever seeing again. I'm sure it would be good, just like Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett but I never wanted to see those either.

Alex Riley pinned the Miz.

I think this was below the standards of their last match but not too bad. Then again, this was on a taped television show, as opposed to a live Pay Per View. Still decent enough all things considered to say the very least. A few back and forth counters, with Alex Riley managing to pull out a backslide for the pin. Afterwards, the Miz loses his mind, utterly destroying Alex Riley and putting him through the table.

Out comes Mr. McMahon to talk about Punk. Punk was suspended because he wanted too much for what he brought to the table. Out comes John Cena to ask Vince if he's pro freedom of speech. Vince quips that's why is microphone is still working. He talks about how McMahon used to be up for anything up for a fight, he took down Ted Turner but now he just suspended Punk for speaking his mind. Cena asks if the grapefruits are gone but Vince admits that he suspended Punk because he was afraid that the WWE Championship would go because there is a chance Punk wins. Cena says he wants the match and so do the fans.

This is the biggest Pay Per View of the year for John Cena due to everything riding on it. Remember CM Punk was one of John Cena's gangsters at Wrestlemania 22. Cena asks Vince if the same thing would happen if Cena said something Vince didn't like. Vince cautions Cena not to be like Hogan. Good advice for anyone. Mr. McMahon says its his company and he makes the decisions. Cena says he sees it clearly now, everyone is replaceable. He hands the belt to Vince and says he wants no part of this, if this is the kind of company that he has to work with.

Vince freaks out, rushing to Cena, begging him to come back and eventually Punk is reinstated by Vince. But if Punk walks out of Chicago with the belt, then John Cena is fired. Then the show ends.

Thoughts on the Show: Decent enough I suppose. Given how the last John Cena is fired storyline went, teasing Cena potentially getting fired really does show a lot of Mahoneys on the part of WWE. The Triple Threat was good. I suspect Punk might be taking a few months off like many others have and will be back. I'm sensing that Punk does win the title but the Money in the Bank winner, aka Alberto Del Rio, attacks Punk and gets the belt. Meanwhile we have Alberto Del Rio against John Cena as your big feud of the summer. Hopefully we're not going to get another Stone Cold versus Mr. McMahon rehash between Cena and Vince.

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