Wwe Raw 5/30/11

Happy Memorial Day, and its time for the Memorial Day edition of RAW. WWE RAW is coming at you from live and in living color from Omaha Nebraska on May 31st 2011.

WWE RAW Results 5/30/11

RAW is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Then we had R-Truth yelling and raving. Well at least that's what I could tell by the visuals, because there was no sound. He was throwing around a load of John Cena merchandise. After a few minutes, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler come out to explain what happened with R-Truth during the technical

difficulties. R-Truth is yelling about all of the John Cena merchandise and the people wearing it. R-Truth, the voice of the Internet Wrestling Community! We still have some problems with the audio cutting in and out. Isn't live television grand? Looking at all of the merchandise, we begin to see the reason why John Cena will never turn heel, as he makes the company a lot of money. We have no sound again and R-Truth comes to a black family with John Cena t-shirts. I'm guessing he's still not happy, but we have no audio. R-Truth finally goes into the ring and rants and raves. Potentially about John Cena, although I'm not the best at reading lips.

Sound does kind of help with promos, so I'm sure this good promo was ruined by the sound cutting out completely at points. Out comes John Cena and the sound going out is a blessing in disguise. We get about one second of Michael Cole's voice, which is basically the wrestling equivalent of God flipping someone off. We come back, with the sound of John Cena being psychotic. R-Truth blames the people for his state and he blames John Cena(and little Jimmy) for conspiring to keep Truth down. R-Truth says no one liked him because he was not rapping and dancing. He tells the crowd to shut up. John Cena says the fans are not Jimmies, and they are the greatest people in the world and that R-Truth should be in a straight jacket. Well teaming with Pacman Jones once upon at time would drive anyone loopy. John Cena promises to knock some sense into R-Truth but R-Truth says that all of the Little Jimmies around the world.

The RAW GM dings in. We're going on a year. Just saying. Tonight, its going to be R-Truth against John Cena tonight on RAW. However, there will be no Jimmies at ringside and R-Truth is mad, thinking that they're making fun of him. "You're going to get got" states R-Truth.

A look at Kharma's breakdown. Tonight Kharma speaks to the WWE Universe on RAW.

Coming up next, Dolph Ziggler battles with Kofi Kingston.

Dolph Ziggler(w/Vickie Guerrero) pinned United States Champion Kofi Kingston in a non title match with the Zig Zag.


These two men have fought a million times on Smackdown over the Intercontinental Title, but this is their first match on RAW. Dolph is back as a blond and good, because he looked generic with brown hair. Started slow but it really did pick up towards the end. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but Dolph ducks and sleeperhold is applied. Kofi Kingston fights out of that and cross body off of the top rope misses. Rocker Dropper connects by Ziggler for a nearfall, but Kofi reverses a gutbuster into a small package for a two and a half count. SOS is blocked and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the pin. A good match.

Ricardo Rodiguez is out to announce Alberto Del Rio for an interview segment. Alberto Del Rio recaps what happened last week involving the Big Show. Then we recap what happened last week, with the shaky camera footage and Kane acting. Alberto says it was an accident and he tells Ricardo to explain what happened. Ricardo then explains in Spanish and Alberto says its okay, because its the Big Show's fault. He says bad things happen to bad people. Alberto says that he's a nice guy, but business is business and the Big Show owes him for damaging his car. Alberto tells the Big Show to get well soon.

Later tonight, Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk.

The divas are next. Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres taking on the Bella Twins.

Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres defeated Bella Twins.

A standard divas tag team match. Eve Torres was beaten down, but hot tag made to Kelly. Kelly Kelly scores the pin, perhaps putting her in line for another crack at the Diva's Championship.

Kharma still to come tonight.

Michael Cole is in the ring, to call out Alex Riley. The Miz fired Alex Riley but the anonymous general Manager rehired him. Michael Cole compares Alex Riley to Judas, Benedict Arnold, Brutus, and Wayne Newton. Wayne Newton? We see a recap of what happened with the Miz and Alex Riley last week. Then out comes Alex Riley. Michael Cole says never before in WWE history, there has never been an act of such backstabbing and treachery. I'm sure I could come up with a list of bigger backstabbings. Miz was like a father to Alex Riley, says Michael Cole. The crowd yells "WHAT" at Michael Cole. He accuses Riley of negatively affecting the WWE Universe by Alex Riley beating up the Miz.

Cole claims the Miz was hurt and emotionally scarred. The Miz thought of Alex Riley as a brother. I thought he thought of him as a son. Michael Cole demands that Alex Riley justifies the Miz's action. Alex Riley responds that he never felt better in his life. Michael Cole tells Riley to get down on his knees and he should beg the Miz for forgiveness. Riley says "shut up Cole!" Big pop for this one. He says that Cole has a big mouth like the Miz, he's arrogant just like the Miz, and he's getting annoying just like the Miz. Cole gets flustered, saying that he's none of those things and neither is the Miz. Michael Cole calls

Alex Riley a bastard. Yay, PG! Alex Riley shoves Michael Cole down! He's rapidly becoming the biggest babyface in WWE today. In comes the Miz to attack Alex Riley. The Miz is beating up Alex Riley. He yells that he made Alex Riley. Alex Riley comes back and spears the Miz and the crowd goes nuts! He continues to beat the Miz. He throws the Miz around like a ragdoll! The Miz runs away with his tail tucked beneath his legs.

A pretty good segment. Thumbs up and they're really stumbled upon something with Alex Riley. Just two weeks ago, he was an incompetent boob and now he's an ass kicker.

Rey Mysterio and CM Punk is coming up next.

CM Punk pinned Rey Mysterio with a roundhouse kick to the head.

A pretty good match between these two. Mason Ryan interferes, allowing Punk to get the heat. Punk works over Rey but Rey fights out, diving over the top rope and the announcer's table onto Punk. Punk goes for the GTS, but Rey reverses that. 6-1-9 is set up but Mason Ryan gets involved. Rey takes him out and then he skins the cat right into the position for the GTS. Rey fights that, countering with a huracanrana, no Punk blocks that and Rey flips onto his feet and Punk kicks him right in the head, knocking him out for the pin. A pretty good match and the finishing sequence was top of the line.

Recap of Steve Austin on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is shown.

Still to come tonight, R-Truth and John Cena finally go one on one.

Kharma is up next. Don't go away on RAW.

Kharma is out. She says she's had two dreams. One of them was of course to become a WWE Superstar. People said it was impossible. She tried out for Season 2 for Tough Enough but Jim Ross said she was too fat to be a WWE Diva. Ouch. She went over to Japan, scrubbing the floors in exchange for training to be a wrestling master and then competed in every wrestling promotion in the world, until WWE signed her. Her other dream was to become a mother. As was rumored on the Internet last week, Kharma is with child. She has a high risk pregnancy, and she can't do anything physical. She thanks them for sharing her dream and will be out. The Bella Twins are out. The Bellas make fun of Kharma for being fat and sarcastically congratulate her for finding a man who would sleep with her. and she takes a step forward, causing the Bella Twins to back off. Kharma says that in a year, when she comes back, she hopes that the Bellas will still be here. Because in one year, she has a new dream. I'm not sure I enjoyed the part with the Bellas, but this is WWE and they've done far more offensive things involving their divas. So best of wishes to Kharma and when she's ready to come back, hopefully there will be a place for her.

And we have that daydream with President Obama once again. Okay enough is enough. Well its slightly different. The thought of Michelle Obama in a Rey Mysterio mask is kind of amusing.

Still to come its John Cena and R-Truth and that's your main event for the May 30th edition of RAW.

Evan Bourne pinned Jack Swagger after a cradle.

A pretty decent spirit and a return match from last week on RAW. Jack Swagger dominates the entire match, but Evan Bourne pulls out the flash pin. Its that time of the year, for our three week Evan Bourne push! Yay!

R-Truth is walking and rambling!

John Cena is walking and he bumps fists with "That Woo Woo Kid, The Long Island Iced Z, The Most Downloaded WWE Superstar on YouTube, The Man With the Tan, The Battling Browski, Slayer of Angry Russians, The Headband Wearing Herald, and Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars" Zack Ryder, as he walks down to the ring. Your main event is next on RAW. R-Truth and John Cena, don't you dare miss it.

A recap of the segment that we did not hear earlier because of the technical difficulties, with sound.

R-Truth defeated John Cena via countout.

A rather strange match to say the very least. Cena kept beating on R-Truth but R-Truth kept running, until Cena gave chase. R-Truth nails Cena with a punch and rolls back into the ring for the countout. R-Truth then walks into the crowd and throws a drink on the father from the family that he encountered in the crowd earlier. Then Cena chases R-Truth off. A weird ending for RAW.

Thoughts on the Show: One of the better RAWs in a while, although the ending was one of those things that left me scratching my head. Still the Alex Riley segment was good as was Punk and Rey, along with Dolph and Kofi. So enough to give the 5/30/11 RAW a thumbs up.

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