Wwe Raw 5/20/13

WWE RAW on May 20th 2013 featured Triple H taking on Paul Heyman’s new client in the main event. Let’s run down the results and briefly recap what happened on WWE RAW for this week.

WWE RAW 5/20/13 Results and Review.

Ryback and John Cena will be taking on each other in an Ambulance Match, that will be taking place at the next WWE Pay Per View, at Payback.

The Miz and Chris Jericho scored the win over Fandango and Wade Barrett when Miz made Barrett submit to the Figure Four Leglock. There you go, this was a decent little tag team match

but nothing really special.

Kane and Daniel Bryan prepare to win the tag team titles but there was a problem between the two of them.

Sheamus got the win over Titus O’Neil with the Brogue Kick. There you go, nothing too bad between these two. Nothing memorable but Sheamus gets the win.

Paul Heyman brings out his newest climate, the former Michael McGillicutty, better known as Curtis Axel. And out comes Triple H, because this feud will not die. Way to put over the new guy, Hunter, slapping him around like he’s nothing. Nice to see that you haven’t lost your touch.

Big E. Langston scored the win over Alberto Del Rio when he hit his finishing move, the Big Finish. This one was what it was.

AJ Lee scored the win over Layla, making her tap out to the Black Widow. Not too bad but like most women’s matches in 2013,

filling time.

Cody Rhodes picked up the win over Zack Ryder with the Disaster Kick. The real impressive thing about this is Ryback marching out and beating up Ryder, hitting him with the Shell Shock and tossing him in the ambulance.

The SHIELD cuts a promo, saying that they hold all of the gold and there is no choice but to believe in them now.

The SHIELD scores the win over Kane, Daniel Bryan, and Kofi Kingston in a six man tag team match. This was the usual good match, with the SHIELD picking up the win. Who can stop them? That really is the question.

Randy Orton got the win over Jack Swagger with the RKO. This was a match that was what it was. It was not certainly bad, that much was for sure.

Triple H and Curtis Axel wrestle to a no contest in the main event. Triple H suffers a concussion and collapses. Then RAW sort of ends. Is this the end of Triple H? Who really knows.


WWE RAW 5/21/13 airing on the USA Network.


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