Wwe Raw 5/13/13

WWE RAW for May 13th 2013 featured the main event of Team Hell No and John Cena against the SHIELD in an elimination tag team match. Let’s run down the results for WWE RAW and recap this show.

WWE RAW 5/13/13 Results and Review.

Fandango and Chris Jericho have a dance off but Summer Rae rolls her ankle. However this is a front for Fandago to attack Chris Jericho.

Ryback rips into Zack Ryder, it was what it was.

Prime Time Players scored the win over Tons of Funk, this was the tag team match, nothing really more, Young and O’Neil get the win.


Ziggler is out with a concussion, so we’ll see Alberto Del Rio take on Jack Swagger in a number one contenders I Quit Match at Extreme Rules.

Kofi Kingston pinned Damien Sandow with the Trouble in Paradise, this was a pretty fair match for what it was as well.

Mark Henry and Sheamus fight with straps and it is awesomely brutal.

Randy Orton got the win over Antonio Cesaro. This one was what it was.

The Miz got the win after making Heath Slater tap out to the Figure Four Leglock. This show, I tell you, this show.

Then we have John Cena, Daniel

Bryan, and Kane against the SHIELD, this show, I tell you, just this show. The match was good, Kane and Daniel Bryan get knocked out. Then Super Cena returns and starts eliminating the SHIELD. Disqualification at the end but their undefeated run as a tag team is over. After the fact, Ryback beats down John Cena.

Jack Swagger takes Big E. Langston, with Swagger getting the win via countout. After the match, Alberto Del Rio beats up Jack Swagger.

A.J got the win over Natalya, that was decent enough I guess.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar have their main event brawl after some back and forth and it ends with Triple H standing tall atop the cage.

So RAW was RAW this week.


WWE RAW 5/13/13 Airing on the USA Network.


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