Wwe Raw 4/22/13

WWE RAW on April 22nd 2013 featured the Undertaker in action in a six man tag team match with Kane and Daniel Bryan against the SHIELD. It is now time to run down the results and recap WWE RAW 4/22/13.

WWE RAW 4/22/13 Results and Review.

Paul Heyman makes his way out to talk about Triple H. He claims that Triple H has an e-mail saying that he’s too injured to come here but here’s Hunter to rebut. Heyman is taken out with the Pedigree.

R-Truth scored the win over Antonio Cesaro, who really has slid down the rankings to say the very

least but that’s beside the point. A decent win for R-Truth all things considered.

Damien Sandow won against Brodus Clay, this was a fair enough match.

Dolph Ziggler pinned Chris Jericho with the Zig Zag in a fairly entertaining match, but then again these two always have the chemistry to back things up. Fandango got involved and lead to Ziggler getting the win.

Tensai picks up the win over Cody Rhodes with a back splash in a decent match. For the most part decent enough.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage with Kane warning Daniel Bryan not to give the Undertaker a hug. Advice to live by if I may say myself.

Big E. Langston won over Zack Ryder, yep this was a squash match of epic proportions.

In an amazing six man tag team match, the Shield scored the win

over the trio of Daniel Bryan, Kane and the Undertaker. This was pretty good, in fact this was extremely good, an epic six man tag team match. The SHIELD winning I’m sure shocked most people but they remain undefeated as a trio. Daniel Bryan eats the pin.

Fandango got the win over William Regal, good to see Regal as always. Here comes Jericho to attack him to continue this feud.

AJ Lee became the number one contender for the Diva’s Championship winning a battle royal. One might want to put the belt on her because it’s not like it’s getting anywhere now.

Mick Foley calls out Ryback. He confronts Ryback about what happened last week. John Cena is out and here is the SHIELD. Cena leaves Ryback to the wolves for a moment but returns with a steel chair. He runs off the SHIELD and then hits Ryback with the Attitude Adjustment. Segment was decent.


WWE RAW airing on April 22nd 2013 on the USA Network


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