Wwe Raw 3/5/12

It is now time for the WWE RAW Report for March 5th 2012. The Rock and John Cena go face to face on RAW. Plus Shawn Michaels is out to have some words about his friend Triple H. It is time to recap all of the highlights for WWE RAW 3/5/12.

WWE RAW 3/5/12

Shawn Michaels is out, to talk about Triple H and call him out. Michaels is not too happy about Triple H accepting Hell in a Cell on the account of the Undertaker goading HHH into accepting on saying that he’s not as good as Shawn Michaels. No matter

how true it is. Triple H is out, saying that it’s nothing about being better or worse than Shawn Michaels. But rather its about proving a point. It will be an end of an era. Shawn Michaels claims that he knows he is going to win, because he is going to be the Special Guest Referee. This can go so many ways and I hope WWE does a smart thing.

Santino Marella won the WWE United States Title over Jack Swagger

Pretty much everyone is out for this match and this was just one big muddled match. John Laurinaitis, David Otunga, Teddy Long, Kofi Kingston, and Aksana, not to mention Vickie Guerrero, and likely about fifteen other people were running around ringside. Somewhere in this, Santino counters the ankle lock and rolls up Swagger for the pin. We have a new United States Champion

John Laurinaitis tries to reverse the decision but he has no power. Then Teddy boots him and Otunga right from the building. Santino celebrates.

The Rock gives us a history lesson, reenacting the Boston Tea Party, with John Cena merchandise. Including garden gnomes. This was a most glorious segment.

Eve Torres defeated Alicia Fox.

Eve wins.

Here comes Zack Ryder. He says that hoskis before broskis. But later in the back, Eve makes out with Zack and has him back in the palm of his hands. C’mon, bro, don’t do it! Ryder is smitten once again.

John Cena cuts a solid promo in an empty arena, saying that his victory over the Rock will be his legacy. This had little to do with the Rock leaving and Cena wasn’t whining bitter tears about the Rock, so that’s why it worked.

Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan defeated CM Punk and Sheamus

Hey it’s the Best in the World At What He Does and the Original Best in the World vs. the Best in the World and Sheamus who can be pretty good at times. This was a great tag team match, with the two big title matches at Wrestlemania showcased in a great manner. The Walls is reversed but Jericho reverses the reversal and scores the pin. Great tag team match.

The Rock is by the statue of Paul Revere. Rock muses that had John Cena warned us about the British, he would have been shot because of the big target that is his fruity pebble outfits. The Rock sings his own version of Yankee Doodle Dandy and the Rock is coming. A great segment.

Embarrassing moment of Big Show’s Wrestlemania history courtesy of Cody Rhodes, with the Big Show at WWF New York/The World at Wrestlemania 18. Good God, that was an embarrassment. The money lost from the World, not the fact that the Big Show was eating there during Wrestlemania. The Big Show

has a match with the Miz next.

The Big Show utterly annihilated The Miz.

Miz tries to attack the Big Show. Big Show and Miz do their tribute to King Kong Bundy and SD Jones at the First Wrestlemania, by flattening the Miz with the Knockout Punch and pins him in no time. WMD gets the pin.

More history from the Rock. If the Rock was our History Teacher, more children would love the subject. I’m just saying. The Rock is outside of the Boston Common, talking about the American Revolution. But there is a different revolution, one of the Rock overthrowing John Cena. The Rock will be arriving in Boston if you smell what the Rock is coming.

Undertaker is in the house next week, to give his comments about Shawn Michaels.

R-Truth has some words prior to his match with Kane.

Kane defeated R-Truth

Even Lil’ Jimmy can’t save R-Truth from what is to come. Kane choke slams R-Truth to win. This is your main event match. Randy Orton comes out to RKO Kane and we know it’s on for Wrestlemania 28.

And here comes John Cena. Cena runs down the Rock running him down and suggests the Rock might be going through a mid life crisis. Cena says that he shook up the Rock and his best stuff has been pre-recorded. Could say the same for you, buddy, because that promo earlier tonight was better than anything that you’ve done live. The Rock is out, and he says that when you strip everything away, the Rock is still a man who is going to rip into John Cena, while Cena is just a scared little child. Cena is not intimidated and he makes a mockery out of the entire situation. John Cena says that he is going to whoop the Rock’s ass and then exits the ring into the fans.

I still think we should have struck while the iron was hot last year with this match. And next week we are going to have a concert duel. That can be so bad its good or so bad its bad or the Rock will somehow make it work.

Why You Should Watch WWE RAW 3/5/12

The Rock history segments, the opening segment, and Sheamus and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho.

WWE RAW Results 3/5/12 Results

Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger to win the United States Title.

Eve Torres defeated Alicia Fox

Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk and Sheamus

The Big Show defeated the Miz.

Kane defeated R-Truth

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