Wwe Raw 1/17/11

Welcome to WWE RAW for January 17th 2011, featuring the main event of CM Punk taking John Cena in Cena's return match after being on the shelf for a few matches.

WWE RAW 1/17/11

RAW opened up with a Martin Luther King Jr video package. A nice classy thing from a business that often times is not the nicest or the classiest.

Out comes John Cena, who talks about his New Year's Resolutions. Well he actually might be among that small percentage of people who actually keep their New Years Resolutions. He basically promises to beat Punk, win the Rumble, and

the win the title. Out comes the Miz, who states that he is going to keep the title. Here it is announced that the biggest Royal Rumble of forty guys ever. Do not like at all. That's going to be so rushed and mish mashed. Might as well add two more rings and twenty more guys while you're at it. Cena does some Rocky IV comedy. Orton and Cena at Mania potentially.....NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! I never want to see that match ever again. Out comes CM Punk to continue the segment, along with the new Nexus. However, before they could lay a beating on Cena, out comes...Koslov and Santino to make the save? Okay, whatever. Nexus regroups, but then the RAW General Manager dings in and announces that during the Punk/Cena match, Nexus is barred from ringside and if they interfere, they lose their shot at the Rumble. Right then, you knew something was going to happen.

Santino and Koslov took on the Usos for the Unified Tag Team Titles.

Two weeks ago, the Usos beat Koslov and Santino. Last week this match was supposed to happen, but Nexus beat up Santino and Koslov. This week the match happened and I would be indifferent to if it did not or not. Santino wins with the Cobra. The Tag Belts are really at their lowest, only belts lower might be the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles. Think about that one for a minute.

Nexus is concerned, but Punk tells them to have faith. Punk is awesome as the super creepy cult leader.

John Morrison took on the United States Champion Daniel Bryan in a non title match.

For a three minute RAW match, this was about as good as you would expect. I'd much rather see a fifteen minute Superstars main event. The Bellas were out with Daniel Bryan and as always with Daniel Bryan matches, I have to watch them on mute because of...well you know who on commentary. Morrison wins with a knee strike. Out comes King Sheamus and his first grade birthday crown. Sheamus promises to win the Royal Rumble and throws Morrison and Bryan out. I have a feeling it will be time for Sheamus to play the game if you get my drift.

Oh and this entire thing with the Bellas and Daniel Bryan, everyone assumed that “his first” means that its some kind of bet that they're going to take his virginity. I bet its not going to be. I bet its going to be something stupid. WWE tends to be cutesy at times and this I think is one of those times.

Vickie Guerrero, who should send Karen Jarrett a Christmas card every year for making her come across as less annoying, introduces Dolph

Ziggler who had a match with Randy Orton.

This wasn't as good as either of the Cena/Ziggler matches, because Orton has this slow style. Needless to say, the finish was good and Ziggler got a lot of offense. RKO connects out of nowhere and I do mean out of nowhere. And out comes Miz and Riley to beat up Orton and put him through a table. Jerry Lawler gets hit once when he tries and get involved and thrown over the barricade, not to be seen again for at least a half of an hour. And Ziggler doesn't have a snowball's chance of beating Edge at the Rumble either.

Then we had one of the most surreal segments on RAW. Maryse took on Natalya with Eve and Melina on commentary.

Well Eve was on commentary and Melina just sat there, moping. She's not long for WWE. Judging by how rough she looks, I wonder how long she'll be for this world. Natalya wins and then Maryse shoves Eve and then starts yelling at Michael Cole. Out comes Ted DiBiase, and Maryse takes him to task to being a loser. Well yeah its the truth but its not something you should be broadcasted. DiBiase promises to win the Royal Rumble As if! He calls out any superstar and out comes Mark Henry for an over the top rope challenge. Henry beats him handily. Then a bunch of guys from Superstars came out...oh and then Sheamus. All of the geeks got pitched and then Henry threw out Sheamus. Then Alberto Del Rio comes out to cut the same promo he's been cutting for the past three weeks. I don't even know if I liked or hated this segment. It was...interesting.

Derrick Bateman hawks cologne made from Mark Henry's sweat glands. I cannot make this show up if I tried.

The main event was John Cena against CM Punk in a great match with a bit of a screwy finish.

Punk actually had a lot of offense and looked like a star, more so then the current WWE Champion has during his reign. Then all of the suddenly...a guy who resembles Batista is on the apron. For a second I thought it actually was Batista, but only for a second. He enters the ring and then kicks Punk right in the face, with Punk sacrificing himself. Then he lays out Cena. The other members of the new Nexus enter the ring but Punk calls him off and this Batista clone joins them. For those not in the know, the new member of Nexus this week on RAW is Mason Ryan, the current FCW Champion. Nexus stands over Cena.

An eventful RAW, although I wonder where they're going to head next.

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