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WWE RAW 10/24/11
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Welcome to this week’s one down of the longest running episodic wrestling show not having aired on TBS for over thirty years, RAW for October 24th 2011, twenty four hours after Vengeance. All of the fallout occurs, including John Cena taking it to the ring, against Miz and R-Truth in a handicap match.

WWE RAW 10/24/11

Triple H is out to lull the RAW viewers to sleep with his twenty minute promo of death. Mentions the Clique from years ago, calls out Nash but we get Mrs. Baba’s favorite wrestler, John Laurinaitis. Johnny boy drones on and one, and I lull to sleep, dreaming about the happy times of three months ago when CM Punk was awesome and this show was not something that grinded on my nerves. Triple H suggests that Laurinaitis find Nash or Hunter will find him and likely do something to get himself arrested in the process to Nash. Then out comes Kevin Nash and bam down goes Triple H, from behind with a sledgehammer shot from Kevin Nash.

Evidence is that Triple H might have some kind of injury. So do I after watching the first quarter of this show. Triple H is put on a stretcher and Nash decides to give him another parting sledgehammer shot. I don’t know why a couple of sledgehammers shots would put Triple H down. He once returned eight days after being dropped fifty feet in the air in a car by a crane thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Now after that segment which was ponderous and dragged on for fifty million years. Setting up a match between Nash and Triple H. I need to point you towards Judgment Day 2003 about why I have no desire to see this match and really their Hell in a Cell Match was only decent because of the antics of Mick Foley.

Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Christian and Cody Rhodes.

This match raised the show a little bit in my opinion but that wasn’t hard. Still interestingly enough a pretty good match with four of Smackdown’s finest. Sheamus nailed Rhodes right in the knee with the Brogue Kick and Celtic Cross gets the pin. This tag team match was the kind of hot opener that you need for a show.

Stephanie McMahon is upset about what happened to her husband. David Otunga is there as is Johnny the Dull. John Cena pops up, calling Otunga, “Carlton Banks” and telling him to take a hike.

There’s one joke that likely flew over the head of your target audience, Cena. I got it, but I’m sure the eight year olds that buy your t-shirts have no idea what you’re talking about. Cena will have a tag team match against Truth and Miz with him being able to pick his partner. Cena’s only requirement he says is no skateboards. Again, another joke that went over the heads of the eight ear olds but it amused me.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Santino Marella

Ziggler gets the win when Swagger distracts. Out comes Mason Ryan to make a save, to set up that potentially awful match with Ziggler. His hair should automatically get him tagged by the WWE Wellness policy, never mind the rest of him.

Zack Ryder informs us that he’ll be the partner for Cena. The two greatest superstars in WWE today, together at last. Sadly it was not to be.

Ricardo Rodriguez brings out the man who is still WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. To be fair, Alberto, I thought Cena was going win, because the belts were being passed around more than…insert your own joke about something being passed around often here. Del Rio is moving on. Out comes CM Punk, who offers himself up as Alberto’s next challenger, remarking that he never got a one on one return match from Summerslam. Del Rio replies that Punk is a loser because he lost last night. Oh come on Alberto, you’ve been with this company for over a year, you should know that wins and losses don’t matter.

Here’s Johnny! John Laurinaitis makes the match for Survivor Series but he wants a little respect from Punk. Who does he think he is, Rodney Dangerfield? Punk makes a half hearted attempt of it but his heart isn’t into it. Who would respect a guy like that anyway? Punk then sarcastically states that he respects Laurinaitis because he goes out here each and every week on live television, looking like a deer in the head lights. He respects the fact that Johnny Boy would wrestle with a mullet, that he seemed to have not mastered the inability to hold the microphone, and yet managed to get so far, because he is a champion ass kisser. That’s the Punk that I want to see, not someone who is BFF with Triple H. Laurinaitis pulls Punk’s title shot, for now, as he’ll take another week. Punk goes for Alberto but Ricardo makes the save. And he gets the worst of the situation, being put down with the GTS.

An awesome segment and CM Punk despite being neutered over the past few weeks, still the man. John Laurinaitis is far worse than then Mike Adamle, Abraham Washington, and Karen Jarrett all combined. He can go away. Far away!

Alicia Fox defeated Natalya

Alicia gets the win with a sunset flip and Natalya and Beth try to beat her up but she escapes. A new challenger…actually good to see a fresh face challenging for the title after months and months of the Kelly, Eve, Beth, and Natalya show.

Wade Barrett defeated John Morrison

Both men in this match cut a decent pace and this was a pretty good match. Barrett hits the Wasteland for the pin.

There is an utterly stupid segment that I’m not going to even bother dignifying with a recap but the end result is Jim Ross against Michael Cole next week and if JR wins, Cole will give up his seat and quit. Somehow I doubt that will happen Michael Cole has been on commentary for thirteen years and the only time he’s been remotely tolerable is when he was with JBL on Smackdown. Anyone who has shown such incompetence at their job would have long since been fired. He must have pictures of Vince in a compromising position with livestock or something.

Miz and Truth punk out Zack Ryder thus ensuring that he’s not going to be Cena’s partner. Then Miz and R-Truth are down to ringside, talking some trash. Cena is going to get, got.

John Cena defeated R-Truth and The Miz via disqualification.

To make a long story short, Cena wins after R-Truth hits him with a water bottle. Wait, what? Then Truth and Miz beat up Cena but here’s Johnny! We’ll do this match again at Survivor Series, and Cena gets to pick his partner. After some thought, Cena picks the Rock. Um, yay.

Next week the Muppets. Which will either be really awesome or really awful. We’ll have to wait and see.

Why You Should Watch RAW from 10/24/11

Sheamus and Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes and Christian was a good match and CM Punk proved why he is great. The rest of the show was kind of meh, with way too much John Laurinaitis

WWE RAW 10/24/11 Results..

Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Christian and Cody Rhodes.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Santino Marella

Alicia Fox defeated Natalya

Wade Barrett defeated John Morrison

John Cena defeated R-Truth and The Miz via disqualification.

http://sportales.com/wrestling/wwe-raw-102411/ WWE RAW Past Reports http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwe-raw-archives_12.html .
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