Wwe Raw 06/25/12

The road to WWE Money in the Bank continues with WWE RAW for June 25th 2012. Tonight Vickie Guerrero is in charge of the show, as Chris Jericho makes his return to take on John Cena in the main event. Plus a Triple Threat Elimination Match with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Kane. Let us kick back and watch WWE RAW 6/25/12 as I run down all of the highlights and results.

WWE RAW 6/25/12

First the results of WWE RAW for June 25th 2012.

WWE RAW 6/25/12 Results

Vickie Guerrero is the guest general manager for tonight.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane and CM Punk

in a Triple Threat Elimination Match.

The Big Show defeated Brodus Clay.

Santino Marella retained the WWE United States Title over Jack Swagger

John Cena talks, Chris Jericho returns, both are in Money in the Bank, and Vickie Guerrero makes Chris Jericho against John Cena.

Heath Slater came out to say he was the Ruler of the World. Sycho Sid comes out and beats him.

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio battled to a no contest in a contract on a pole match. A Triple Threat Match was made for Smackdown.

A.J. won a Divas Battle Royal.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification after Big Show interfered.

WWE RAW 6/25/12 Report

AJ muses about her potential relationships with Kane, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk and it turns out she is talking to herself in the mirror. This storyline is edging towards gloriously absurd which makes it that more awesome.

Vickie Guerrero is out, your guest General Manager of the evening. Still holding out hope for Adamle. We have a Triple Threat Match between Daniel Bryan, Kane, and CM Punk. Also John Cena will have a big announcemnt later tonight.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kane and CM Punk in a Triple Threat Elimination Match.

Elimination rules for this one, which hasn't really been done in WWE...I'm not sure ever. So yeah, that was interesting. A good match to kick off the show this week on RAW. All three men go at it and AJ comes out, which allows Punk to hit the GTS on Kane. Then Daniel Bryan kicks his head in to score the pin.

Alberto Del Rio tries to butter Vickie up by giving her flowers. Dolph Ziggler disagrees and wants another shot. Vickie makes a contract on a pole match for a title shot. Who hired Russo back?

The Big Show defeated Brodus Clay

Brodus lost when his knee gave out on a slam. Like that. Big Show wins. Oh well.

That John Cena guy is sure a swell fella as this video package will tell you. Another look at how John Cena is awesome and WHY WON'T YOU LOVE HIM!

Big Show knocks out Brodus just because.

Recap of the events involving Paul Heyman and Triple H the previous week.

Kane and A.J are backstage. It does appear that Kane is a bit too freaked out by the situation and says its best that he and A.J. stay away from each other.

Santino Marella kept the WWE United States Title over Jack Swagger

Swagger is already in the ring, which sums up his career over the past year in a nutshell. Santino wins with the Cobra keeping his title. I feel like we've seen this one a few times.

John Cena rambles about nothing in particular, doing the usual comedy that I have vowed to ignore. Chris Jericho returns from suspension and

asks Cena to get to the point. Cena is in Money in the Bank and there is some back and forth with Cena and Jericho, that leads to Jericho announcing that he is in the Money in the Bank as well. Vickie is out to talk about Money in the Bank. Only former champions can enter themselves. She also makes Jericho against Cena for later tonight.

Here comes Heath Slater who talks trash and declares himself to be the ruler of the world. Mind your tongue, son. EET, EET, EET! Ah, its Sycho Sid! Sid comes down to the ring and Slater's going to die.

Sycho Sid defeated Heath Slater

Much like a cat playing with a mouse, Sid destroys Slater. Slater gets in some leg kicks but Sid hits the Power Bomb. Say goodnight, Heath. Sid wins. Ten billion stars for this one.

Alberto Del Rio battled Dolph Ziggler in a Contract on a Pole

Rather stupid rules in this match, where they not only have to grab the contract, but they have to control the contract. Again, I ask, who hired Russo back? Ricardo gets the contract at one point. I'm sure the wrestling was fine but this match had a pole and thus I hated it.

Triple Threat Match between Sheamus, Alberto, and Ziggler on Smackdown.

Daniel Bryan against CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank.

A.J. and CM Punk are backstage, with A.J. dedicating her match tonight for Punk.

We have Vickie Power. Vickie Guerrero disrobes. Come on, this is a kids show.

AJ Won a Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal

PG Version of this match has absolutely no use, as it is a cluster to say the very least. Layla gets dumped and then A.J. takes out Vickie. Moving right along.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho via disqualification

These two have had better matches. Much better matches. I'm not sure if this was the worst of their matches but they have had better. Big Show interferes, as Jericho has the match won, to leg drop Cena. Yay, BS finish right there.

Jericho leaves as Show destroys Cena. I thought this feud was over. Why won't it die? Show applies a camel clutch and Cena is laid out.

RAW this week was kind of there, other than Sid and the opening Triple Threat Match.



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