Wwe Raw 04/09/12

It is time to take a look at WWE Monday Night RAW for April 9th 2012. On this show, the WWE Champion CM Punk puts his title on the line against “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Plus the stars of the Three Stooges movie will guest host. It is time to watch WWE RAW 4/9/12 and recap all of the highlights.

WWE RAW 4/9/12

John Laurinaitis introduces the newest signing of the WWE, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar thanks Laurinaitis for bringing him back, for making things legit, but John Cena comes out to interrupt Lesnar’s moment. Cena doesn’t say a word but

both men brawl. Things get ugly, when Lesnar drills John Cena right in the mouth. Cena tries to shrug it off but he got popped.

Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis are backstage next, as it was Teddy Long’s responsibility to keep John Cena in check. So things need to smooth over. Eve Torres tries to get with Laurinaitis but he has more pressing matters to attend to.

Brodus Clay and Santino Marella vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Swagger and Ziggler gain an early lead by trapping Santino Marella in the corner but Santino fights back and tags in Brodus Clay. The Funkasarus cleans house, destroying everyone right in the ring. Suplex sets up a huge splash and Dolph Ziggler is pinned.

John Cena and John Laurinaitis are both backstage, after Laurinaitis yells at Teddy Long. Brock Lesnar against John Cena will be taking place but tonight John Cena steps into the ring with one David Otunga

Santino Marella looks for the Three Stooges in the backstage area. Intrigue continues to build tonight on WWE RAW.

R-Truth versus Cody Rhodes

The Big Show walks out and shows some highlights for Cody Rhodes. Rhodes is distracted, which allows R-Truth to give him the Little Jimmy for the pin.

Santino Marella meets the Three Stooges. Well technically the actors playing them in the upcoming movie.

Yoshi Tatsu versus Lord Tensai

The fan favorite Yoshi Tatsu takes on the monster of a man Lord Tensai tonight on WWE RAW. Yoshi was utterly destroyed, huge power bomb finishing him off. Tensai is far from finished, with the claw being slapped on after the fact.

Chris Jericho attacks CM Punk last week and tonight Mark Henry meets CM Punk on RAW.

More highlights of Chris Jericho destroying CM Punk last week and then Punk comes out for an interview. CM Punk walks out, talking about the Straight Edge way of life and how Jericho has pushed

things. Jericho is out, talking about how CM Punk is slipping. Jericho takes shots at Punk, calling him CM Drunk and Punk fires back, saying that this is gotten personal, it is no longer about being the Best in the World. Intrigue continues to build between CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

WWE Champion CM Punk versus Mark Henry

Punk is fired up, attacking Mark Henry. Henry is only mildly stunned and then he beats up Punk, allowing Chris Jericho to come in. Jericho beats down Punk, then pours some beer on him, the ultimate humiliation.

Zack Ryder versus Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio continues his comeback trail, putting the Cross Armbreaker on Ryder for the tap out.

Three Stooges are out and Kane comes out. Moe and Larry run for the hills, and Curly eats a Choke Slam.

Mark Henry will face off against CM Punk in a no countout and no disqualification match next week.

Brock Lesnar cuts an interview, he’s not here to make any friends.

Recap of Undertaker versus Triple H at Wrestlemania 28 is shown.

John Cena versus David Otunga

As Brock Lesnar watches, John Cena takes apart David Otunga. Otunga gives Cena a couple of anxious moments but STF is locked on for the submission win.

Brock Lesnar comes out afterwards and F-5 drives John Cena down. Lesnar looks pleased with his handiwork as does John Laurinaitis. And the show ends.

WWE RAW Results 4/9/12

Santino Marella and Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

R-Truth defeated Cody Rhodes

Lord Tensai defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Mark Henry defeated CM Punk via disqualification.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder

John Cena defeated David Otunga

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