Opera Mini Versus Uc Browser

Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers at this moment. Today even the cheapest handset is compatible with this browser. And it totally reflects the success of this mobile browser. Few years back, it was leading in this field. But today, in this competitive world, not a single product is running alone in the market. In the past few months, UC Browser has also become very popular. Because of this, many questions arise in the minds of common users. Which mobile browser is better, Opera Mini or UC Browser ? Which mobile browser is more compatible with

different handsets ? Which browser is more user friendly and precise in data usage ? As I have used, both these mobile browsers, I am going to make a comparison between these two browsers in this article.


Opera Mini is not new in the field of mobile browsers. It has been serving its users for many years now. Over the years, it has succeeded in making a place for itself in the hearts of its users. Some of the most relevant features of Opera Mini are as follows :

1) It is a very user friendly mobile browser. Any new user can easily understand its functions.

2) It is a very economical mobile browser. It reduces data usage by opening any larger size website by consuming less data.

3) While browsing it informs the user about the amount of data usage while opening every web page.

4) It is a very efficient mobile browser. Its browsing speed increases by many times on switching over to 3G network from 2G.

5) It downloads any item very fast. But if network

fluctuates, downloading immediately stops. I faced many problems while downloading multiple contents from Internet through Opera Mini.


UC Browser is giving a very tough fight to Opera Mini these days. Though it is relatively newer as compared to Opera Mini, but it has become popular in no time. Some of the most relevant features of UC Browser are as follows :

1) It is also a very user friendly mobile browser. But initially a new user can face problems in understanding its every function

2) It also consumes very less data while surfing

3) It does not inform users about the data usage while opening any web page

4) It is also a very efficient mobile browser, with higher browsing speeds

5) During night, by applying night mode theme, a user can easily browse for hours without having any problem in eyes. This facility is not available in Opera Mini.

6) Multiple downloads can be easily done on UC Browser. I enjoy this feature most. Any network fluctuation pause your current download but does not cancel it like Opera Mini

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