Wwe Nxt Review 04/25/12

The show where the fun never quite ends, it is WWE NXT for April 25th 2012, as we continue our descent into the joyous madness. Join the dark side, we have cookies. Anyway, our rag tag band of misfits on the show known as NXT will return for another round of joy and what a main event encounter we have. One on one, Tyson Kidd takes on Johnny Curtis. Let's get down to business, this is NXT and you are no longer in control of your sanity.

WWE NXT Review 4/25/12 Review

Matt Striker is out to welcome us to NXT. No

Josh Mathews this week due to the beating he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar on Monday Night RAW. No Hawkins and Reks either on the count of them being fired. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are congratulated for being moved up to Smackdown and William Regal is busy scouting some talent, so there will be some call ups from Florida Championship Wrestling soon.

As William Regal is out, we have a special match coordinator, who is Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle comes out to a great deal of fanfare and he has learned to talk as you all know since the last time he had been on NXT. There will be no stupid challenges, redemption points, or Titus O'Neil according to Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle makes Percy Watson and Tyson Kidd against Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis later tonight.

Out comes Derrick Bateman, called down to the ring by Hornswoggle. Bateman reminds us that he defeated both Titus O'Neil and Darren Young to earn a spot on Smackdown but he's there and they are. Bateman then gets jumped by JTG, who is still employed. JTG says this show is whack. Well that's the nicest thing that anyone has ever said about this show. JTG is not happy that he hasn't been booked in a match lately.

So as a result Hornswoggle makes Derrick Bateman against JTG and that match is right now.

WWE Wresltemania 28 was a really big event. Naturally it was. Toot that horn WWE.

Derrick Bateman picked up the win over JTG

Hornswoggle and Matt Striker are on commentary this week. WWE NXT kicks things wide open with a decent enough opening match. JTG gains an early advantage, working Bateman over but Bateman fights back, hitting a vicious spiked bulldog to knock the headband right off of JTG's head to score the pin. Bateman gets the win to lead to a solid win on NXT for April 25th 2012, as Hornswoggle cheers on Derrick Bateman.

Hornswoggle goes off to make some more matches, as the night is beginning.

Johnny Curtis and Maxine arrive. Sadly they have not been handcuffed together all week, as awesome as that would but Scott Armstrong shows up to enforce William Regal's ruling. Maxine tries to seduce her way out of it but Curtis ruins it by being creepy and thus they are handcuffed together once again. Hornswoggle walks up to their disapproval, making Kaitlyn and Tamina taking on Maxine and Natalya. Hornswoggle mentions that he could call Maxine a lot of names since he could talk now but this is a PG show. Well played.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho meet in a Chicago Streetfight this Sunday at Extreme Rules. This

time it is personal.

An extended look at the big Brock Lesnar against John Cena match at WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Tyson Kidd and Percy Watson are backstage, with Kidd not sure about this tag team thing, due to his last two partners, Trent Barreta and Justin Gabriel on the injured reserved list. Kaitlyn pops up and asks Kidd what his new finishing move was called but here is Natalya to accuse Kaitlyn with flirting Tyson Kidd. Natalya says Maxine might be trailer trash but she was right that Kaitlyn is nothing but trouble. Such is the drama on NXT.

Maxine is unhooked from Johnny Curtis. Natalya cannot stand Maxine but she wants to take down Kaitlyn, so they form an uneasy alliance. Curtis has to follow Maxine and Natalya to the ring for their match.

Tamina and Kaitlyn defeated Maxine and Natalya

Johnny Curtis joins us on commentary. Todd Pettigill reference for the win. This was about what you would expect for a Divas match on this show. Kaitlyn was punished for a few minutes before making the hot tag. Tamina runs wild and then Superfly Splash gets the win for the daughter of the WWE Hall of Fame Superstar "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. I can add Johnny Curtis to the list of people who are better than Michael Cole on commentary.

Maxine tries to sneak off but Matt Striker stops that, with Maxine joining him at the commentary table(but not on commentary, as Striker says we don't want to hear from Maxine), due to her needing to be in the same place with Johnny Curtis on NXT.

Percy Watson has been taken out by Michael McGillicutty backstage, causing Tyson Kidd to go it alone right now.

Hornswoggle kicks McGillicutty out, thus we have just Tyson Kidd against Johnny Curtis one on one. Michael McGillicutty heads over for commentary.

Tyson Kidd defeated Johnny Curtis via submission

Michael McGillicutty is on commentary, hitting on Maxine, trying to pick her up. We can add Johnny Curtis to the list of people who had the best matches in their WWE career with Tyson Kidd. These two men got close to fifteen minutes and it was pure wrestling magic. Curtis gets a nearfall with a superplex and goes up top but misses a legdrop, allowing Kidd to put on the Sharpshooter into the Triangle Choke for the tap out, much to the disapproval of Michael McGillicutty. Kidd celebrates the win as NXT draws a close.

A fun episode this week. This show has its on weeks and its off weeks. This was one of the weeks where it was on.

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