Wwe Nxt 2/29/12

It is now time to continue with the gift that keeps on giving, WWE NXT Season 5: Redemption. In this week’s feature bout, Maxine goes one on one with Kaitlyn. Time to recap all of the highlights from WWE NXT for February 29th 2012 on WWE.com

WWE NXT 2/29/12

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeated Percy Watson and Alex Riley Just your standard NXT tag team match. Alex Riley is beaten in the corner until it is time for him to make the hot tag and run wild on everyone. Showtime splash actually connects for once, but Percy Watson spends too much time
jawing with Titus O’Neil which Darren Young takes advantage of. Gut Check scores the pin. After the match, Titus O’ Neil is on the microphone taunting Percy Watson. Next week it will be Percy Watson against Titus O’Neil. Regal questions how Titus knows he is going get a return match. Kaitlyn, Justin Gabriel, and Alicia Fox are in the ring, where we were supposed to have Heath Slater against Derrick Bateman but I guess not. We have an intervention for Derrick Bateman…about Maxine. They try and convince Derrick Bateman that he was better off without Maxine, that she is nuts. Bateman is not too happy and we see a recap of all of the abuse that Maxine has done against Derrick Bateman. Featuring many slaps and much Johnny Curtis and yelling. Kaitlyn is trying to tell Bateman that Maxine is using him but Bateman is not buying it. And Kaitlyn kisses Bateman. And here comes Maxine, and she’s all crazy. CATFIGHT! Justin Gabriel, Alicia Fox, and Derrick Bateman trying to break it up. William Regal talks about his intervention where he was locked in the nuthouse as a result. That’s good to know. It is pandemonium right in the ring. Natalya is trying to assure Tyson Kidd he is a Hart but McGillicutty shows up to mock Kidd and Natalya. Michael McGillicutty defeated Tyson Kidd Here we go, nice back and forth match between two rising stars in WWE. I’ve got Michael McGillicutty marked down for my most improved of 2012 for sure. Kidd hits a picture perfect moonsault to a standing McGillicutty for a nearfall. Sharpshooter is blocked with McGillicutty grabbing on the ring apron and then neckbreaker gets the pin. There you go, Michael McGillicutty picks up the win. A well worked match between these two men. WWE Wrestlemania 28, John Cena vs. the Rock. And we recap the events of RAW featuring the Rock and John Cena on the RAW Rebound. Maxine is throwing things backstage and shoving random people. She thinks that everyone is plotting against her and anyone who

crosses her will regret it. Matt Striker is out to talk about the previous five seasons, where we have been through a lot. 6 different ring announcers, 12 difference announce teams, and 30 WWE Superstars throughout the seasons. But despite all of the never ending seasons, Matt Striker is the only thing that has remained consistent. Stone Cold Steve Austin is the most over wrestler on this show, as the fans chant “WHAT”. Striker says that there is a load of talent in the back that will carry the industry into the future and NXT hasn’t been about change as it should be, with the inmates running the asylum. Out comes Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks are out. Curt Hawkins brings us CHANGE! Reks and Hawkins mock Striker and return to the back, before bringing out lawn chairs, pop corn, and soda. Striker yells at Hawkins and Reks to shut up. Striker says there is a couple more bullets in the gun and he’s not quite done. Striker announces that he has a grizzled veteran who has paved the way for people like Hawkins and Reks who dare call themselves a wrestler. Our new NXT General Manager is William Regal. Regal enters the ring and Hawkins and Reks are beside themselves. Regal promises pushing everyone to their limits and creating some exciting matches. Regal says he has something special for Reks and Hawkins. The new NXT has just begun. All hail Master Regal! Kaitlyn defeated Maxine Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis are there on commentary. Johnny Curtis says things are going to get weird and he has lotion. The commentary of this match was rather fascinating, more so than the match. Regal would like to tell us he’s open to bribes. That’s good to know. Kaitlyn wins with a full nelson butt drop into a rolling leg cradle. Commentary was entertaining, match…not so much. Then Maxine leaves the ring after the match and shoves Derrick Bateman away and Johnny Curtis. Maxine wants to congratulate Regal on his new position and looks forward to working closely with him…if you know what she’s saying. Why You Should Watch NXT 2/29/12 Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty was good and William Regal is always the man. Hopefully some shake ups will be happening this week WWE NXT Results 2/29/12 Darren Young and Titus O’Neill defeated Percy Watson and Alex Riley. Michael McGillicutty defeated Tyson Kidd Kaitlyn defeated Maxine. Past NXT Reports http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/nxt-reports.html

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