Wwe Nxt 10/24/12

WWE NXT for October 24th 2012 featured the main event of the NXT Champion Seth Rollins taking on Heath Slater. It is now time to run down the results and review WWE NXT 10/24/12.

WWE NXT 10/24/12 Results.

Brodus Clay scored the win over Camacho with a huge splash.

Trent Barretta scored the win over Kassius Ohno with the running knee strike.

Layla and Alicia Fox defeated Audrey Marie and Paige when Layla pinned Audrey Marie.

Bronson made Lincoln Broderick via submission with a leg hold.

Seth Rollins picked up the win over Heath Slater with an Asai Moonsault into an Inverted DDT.

WWE NXT 10/24/12.

So what

did this reporter think as he watched WWE NXT for October 24th 2012? This show was another enjoyable one, with two good matches, and three matches that existed. Heath Slater gets the star power rub from Vickie Guerrero. Rollins and Slater put together a fairly decent main event match. Rollins pulls out a huge Asai Moonsault/DDT hybrid for the pin.

Trent Barretta and Kassius Ohno was another perfectly acceptable wrestling match. Ohno’s feud with Richie Steamboat continues. Trent’s comeback really is gaining a bit of steam. The Gobstopper Knee picks up the win. Match was fun.

Brodus Clay and Camacho really didn’t amount to

much of anything. Just your usual showcase for Brodus here on NXT. The match featuring James Bronson was a pretty good squash. Bronson is a rather effective monster heel more often than not.

The divas have a tag team match. The divas on the actual WWE roster get the win over the NXT divas. Match was a bit weird. They wrestled, and it was just there.

The highlight of the show is that we’re going to see an Antonio Cesaro against Tyson Kidd match which hopefully if there is a God of wrestling, it will get fifteen minutes. The little tastes we’ve got between these two were not enough.

Slater against Rollins would be the match of the evening.

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