Wwe Nxt 07/18/12

WWE NXT for July 18th 2012 was headlined by Heath Slater taking on Justin Gabriel in the main event. Plus Tamina takes on Kaitlyn, Jinder Mahal squares off with Percy Watson, Leo Kruger takes on Richie Steamboat, and Raquel Diaz takes on Paige. Let us watch WWE NXT 7/18/12 for all of the action.

WWE NXT 7/18/12

First results for WWE NXT on July 18th 2012.

WWE NXT 7/18/12 Results

Tamina pinned Kaitlyn with the Superfly Splash.

Jinder Mahal defeated Percy Watson with the Camel Clutch.

Leo Kruger defeated Richie Steamboat after reversing a roll through.

Raquel Diaz pinned Paige with the Gory Bomb.

Justin Gabriel pinned Heath

Slater with a moonsault into an inverted DDT.

WWE NXT 7/18/12 Review

William Regal and Bryon Saxton hype up tonight's main event of Justin Gabriel against Heath Slater.

Tamina Snuka pinned Kaitlyn with the Superfly Splash

Fast and furious divas action to kick off WWE NXT this week. Kaitlyn makes an effort but the second generation star, Tamina, manages to beat down Kaitlyn. Superfly Splash and Tamina picks up the win in the opening bout on WWE NXT.

Chris Jericho's RAW debut on August 9th 1999 is one of the many moments in the 1000 episodes of RAW.

A look at Big E. Langston.

Jinder Mahal defeated Percy Watson

Great, Mahal. Good to see Percy pop right back up after a couple of weeks. It was your average match. Percy tried. Showtime Splash gets a nearfall. Mahal hits a knee and a Camel Clutch to pick up the victory on NXT. Mahal beats up Percy some more after the match.

Leo Kruger defeated Richie Steamboat

Another fairly decent match right here on NXT although I would like to see this one get a bit more time. Steamboat is beaten down and Kruger is arrogant which you would think would lead to Steamboat coming from underneath for the win. However, while Steamboat fights back, a cross body block

is rolled through and Kruger puts his feet on the ropes for the pin to get the tainted win.

A look at Raquel Diaz, coming to NXT and ridding the world of repulsive.

Raquel Diaz defeated Paige

Raquel talks some trash on her way to the ring with a headset microphone. Two divas matches might have happened on a WWE show for the first time in a long time. Paige gets some token offense but sadly she's regulated to enhancement talent, losing to the Gory Bomb. Raquel Diaz picks up the win on WWE NXT.

Aksana is hitting on Alex Riley but about faces when Antonio Cesaro shows up, accusing Riley of hitting on her. Antonio Cesaro takes on Alex Riley next week on NXT.

Justin Gabriel pinned Heath Slater

Main event time and these two are former partners and long time rivals. So naturally they are able to put on a rather good match. Jim Ross joins us for commentary during this match. Slater gets in some impressive moves, a super neckbreaker off of the top rope being among them. Gabriel manages to block another move and pull off a moonsault into a reverse DDT for the pin. Justin Gabriel gets the win on NXT.

Good main event this week makes this show a win.


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