Wwe Night Of Champions 2011

Welcome to WWE Night of Champions, airing September 18th 2011 on Pay Per View. Night of Champions is headlined by many key matches, but one of the most anticipated battles would be between CM Punk and Triple H. If CM Punk gets the win, then Triple H will be forced to resign from the Chief Executive Officer of WWE. Also Alberto Del Rio puts his WWE Championship on the line against the former nine time WWE Champion John Cena and Mark Henry gets his title shot at the World Heavyweight Championship as he tries to induct Randy Orton in the

Hall of Pain. Let’s take a look at what happened at WWE Night of Champions 2011.

WWE Night of Champions 2011


According to the Wrestling Observer Website, Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater in a preshow match.

Air Boom retained the WWF Tag Team Titles over R-Truth and the Miz


Fair enough match but a rather weak finish to be honest with you. Good enough action but Miz had Bourne pinned but Bourne kicked out. Miz shoved the referee for the disqualification. The finish kind of left a sour taste in my mouth but without it a perfectly acceptable opening match. R-Truth slaps the referee again. This feud obviously must continue.

Cody Rhodes retained the WWE Intercontinental Title over Ted DiBiase.


Decent battle but there was something that was lacking that I can’t just put my finger on. Just a bit more lifeless and kind of disappointing that I would want to like. Another rather uninspired finish, as Cody Rhodes gets his mask ripped off but he ducks a shot from DiBiase and rolls him up for the pin. Weak as a slap from an eight some year old woman(unless that woman was Mae Young of course).

Out comes Christian. Oh vey. He wants another title shot. Whatever. Christian insults the local sports team, always a favorite but he gets the fans to chant one more match. Sheamus is out and calls Christian a weasel. He offers to help Christian get his rematch. If he gets a title shot that is. Sheamus leads the fans in cheering and then Brogue Kicks Christian. Such is life on the time loop that is Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, and John Morrison retained the WWE United States Title.


A breakneck pace of a battle but really didn’t get the time to properly develop on that much. They did one of my loathed multi man finishes where Guy A hits Guy B with finishing move but Guy C steals the pin, with Swagger hitting the Gutwrench Power Bomb on Morrison but Ziggler steals the win. Still fairly decent for what it was.

Vickie Guerrero is happy. She hits that she would make a good COO if Triple H loses tonight. She kisses Matt Striker. Um, eww, squick.

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.


I personally thought this match was pretty good and we have someone new on top with the title. Fairly good encounter and Mark Henry gets the win, after the RKO is blocked and World’s Strongest Slam gets the win. Mark Henry cuts a promo, saying that he’ll be the most dominant champion in history. He should roll over everyone on Smackdown, before getting shut down by Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28 naturally when he cashes in on Money in the Bank. At least that’s what I would do.

Alberto Del Rio is not a happy person about tonight’s match and he let’s John Laurinaitis know that.

Kelly Kelly retained the WWE Diva’s Title over Beth Phoenix.


Sure, why not. Fans were excited but I was bored during this match. Same old, same old, cookie cutter diva’s match. Kelly scores yet another win over Beth Phoenix with a roll up. She’s still the Diva’s Champion. She still has the Butterfly Belt.

John Cena won the WWE Championship

from Alberto Del Rio.


T-R-A-N-S-I-T-I-O-N-A-L and that’s how we spell Alberto! Really, I expected Alberto to lose the belt in about two weeks at Hell in a Cell to Cena but he just drops the belt cold right here. Serious question here. Does the Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 really need the WWE Championship? Isn’t it the fact that it’s the Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania going to draw enough interest? Does John Cena need the WWE Championship at this point? Aren’t the little kiddies going to not buy his multi colored merchandise if he doesn’t have a shiny spinny thingy? John Cena wins with the STF and Alberto has no choice but to tap out. Making Cena the ten time champion. That’s just swell. The Miz gets six months as champion but Alberto Del Rio gets five weeks. JACK F’N SWAGGER GETS TWO AND A HALF MONTHS AS CHAMPION, BUT ALBERTO DEL RIO GETS FIVE WEEKS! The Great Khali got a longer title run then Alberto Del Rio. I wasn’t expecting Alberto to have a JBL like run with the title(no matter how awesome that would be), but really, the first Pay Per View. Really, WWE, Really! A good match nevertheless, but really! Really! REALLY!

Triple H pinned CM Punk to remain the COO of the WWE.


This match was pretty good but the finish, everyone saw it coming. Some run ins, with R-Truth and The Miz getting involved during this match. John Laurinaitis stopped the referee from counting. Kevin Nash ambles out and goes to take out Triple H but Punk takes him out. That Triple H takes out his trusty sledgehammer, nailing Nash. Pedigree plants Punk for the pin and the win. So Triple H wins.

Why You Should Watch WWE Night of Champions.


Main event was good, Alberto and Cena was good minus the questionable result, and there were a couple other decent matches during this show. WWE Hell in a Cell is in two weeks. Then WWE Vengeance is three weeks after that. Why WWE feels the need to have three Pay Per Views in a little over a month every year around this time I’ll never know. Thirteen Pay Per Views a year is an odd number.

WWE Night of Champions 2011 Results

Air Boom defeated R-Truth and Miz via disqualification to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

Cody Rhodes pinned Ted DiBiase with a schoolboy rollup to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, and John Morrison to retain the United States Title.

Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Diva’s Title.

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio to become WWE Champion for the 10th time.

Triple H pinned CM Punk.


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