Wolverine And Punisher Damaging Evidence Review

Wolverine and Punisher Damaging Evidence Issue 1 is next on the pile of the Really Big Comic Book Box of Doom. In this issue our two anti-heroes run afoul of the evil plots of Donald Pierce and his Reavers, along with the Kingpin of Crime.

Wolverine and Punisher Damaging Evidence Issue 1 Review

Wolverine and Punisher Damaging Evidence Issue 1 was released as part of a three issue mini series from Marvel Comics in October 1993. This issue was written by Carl Potts, Pencilled and Inked by Gary Erskine, Colored by Marie Javins, and Lettered by John Gaulshell.

Without even looking at the

cover date, I can tell by the cover this is a 1990s comic book. Well that and the fact that there is an advertisement for a certain movie that you may have heard of by Tim Burton, called the Nightmare Before Christmas.

As with many team ups, there seem to be two distinct stories that will crossover in due time. First the Punisher and his ongoing war against crime, causing him to clash with one of

the biggest(in more ways than one), crime bosses, the Kingpin. The Kingpin has lost millions of dollars when the Punisher has shut down his drug operations.

The other spin off is going to be Wolverine and his battles with the robotic assassins known as the Reavers, lead by one Donald Pierce, an old enemy of the X-Men and indeed Wolverine, from the Hellfire Club.

Overall given that this is the first issue of a three part story, there is a lot of build-up. This was a rather solid story. A story flowed nicely from one point to the next.

Since this comic book is only the first part, obviously this was very much a groundwork issue. With that fact alone, the groundwork being laid as it is, I do cross my fingers to further issues of that really big box of doom.



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