Winter Driving Insanity

There is just something about the snow that turns the most seasoned driver into an immature teenager who just barely has had his driver's permit for five minutes. People driving in an erratic and dangerous manner, thus endangering other drivers, themselves, pedestrians, and really everyone when you think about it in the harsh winter weather. There is just something about the snow that makes drivers really, really stupid and unable to remember the basics.

Common Sense and Winter Driving.

With winter coming soon(given the recent snow in the Northeast, it would have come already too soon), there are a lot of times

where people act like there is no need for adjustments on the road with their driving.

You cannot drive like it is a perfectly clear day with the roads clear and unblemished because it is not. What in the winter time makes driver's stupid? I really have no idea but it is just something rather depressing to think about some of the really bad drivers being on the

road in these conditions, when drivers who are normally good and sane somehow have not grasp the similar concept of driving in the winter weather.

A little bit of common sense can go a long way. A really long way. Unfortunately having common sense when driving in the winter can be something that leaves most people. There is just something about the winter weather. Where people do lose all sense of their common sense and they endanger both themselves and others.

Just use your common sense. There is enough bad drivers on the road on the best of days. And the winter bad driving can be a horror show. Buckle up, slow down, and drive safely. And hopefully everyone else will do the same. There is enough accidents out there as is in clear weather, never mind in the winter.

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