Why Students Struggle With Math

Many subjects exist in the realm of formal education. Yet one subject tends to bedevil a great deal of students throughout their entire educational career. That would be the subject of arithmetic or math as it is caused. Math is one of those subjects that comes easy for some people but is absolutely frustrating for others. What is it that makes math in its various forms to be such a difficult subject to grasp?

Math is something that requires much understanding. There are times where people have a mindset that works a certain way. Therefore, the subject of math inspires very

little creativity and very much logic. You have to work within certain minds. For those individuals have are more of a creative mindset, math can be a hassle to learn. There are many tricks and tribulations with learning everything that goes along with math.

The quality of instruction can be a potential variable. Different teachers have different methods in giving their students instruction. Obviously, you give two different teachers the same material to work with and they will have

their own way to convey it. The instructors will explain it in different manners. Sometimes those methods will break through better to some students better than others.

The ease of learning for math is also based upon the examples for formulas given within the assigned text. When you get into advanced algebra for example, each and every individual formula has to be broken up into microscopic and careful steps. If some steps are left up to interpretation, it can be like trying to talk to a wall. Nothing gets through.

The type of mind, the teachers, and texts are all part of the formula that leads to the understanding of math. It does go without saying that there are times that mild changes to these factors will lead to better understanding. Obviously the texts and the teachers are the easiest to deal with. It is much harder to train a mind that does not understand the logic of math to understand the logic of math.  

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