Why People Procrastinate With Their Christmas Shopping

Christmas is coming up rather soon. Naturally that fact means that most people have gotten their Christmas shopping completed. However, there are more than a few people, as the clock winds down closer and closer to Christmas, there are a few people out there who have not had their Christmas shopping done.

Why People Procrastinate With Their Christmas Shopping

We tend to live in a society who would rather put things off than really get things done as soon as possible to get it done. Even if you do shop at that horrific shopping day known as Black Friday, risking life
and limb, at least that is with a month to really kick back. Yet, for some reason people don’t decided to just throw everything behind that day or earlier, throughout the year, getting a few things at the time, deciding to wait into about midway into December to really think about shopping. The reasons for this gross level of procrastination are many. Let us discuss a few. People don’t have enough money until rather late in the game. Reasons of this can be many, one reason is naturally of the shaky economic climate we live in and thus a low budget Christmas is going to be a necessity. Even a low budget Christmas does require a little bit of money. And then there is the grossly poor saving skills and planning that most people have. Something mentally clicks right in November and they need to scramble to get funds together to go Christmas shopping. Which is a rather stressful reason and the holiday season can be potentially stressful enough. Start saving for Christmas as soon as possible, even if you have to start saving on December 26th. Just a little bit at a time. Waiting for the old holiday bonus at your workplace The old holiday bonus that might or not be here

this year, despite you receiving every other year previously. The holiday bonus at the workplace would be the absolutely easiest thing for a company to cut, well right up there with cutting employees that is. Don’t assume that you’re going to get anything unless it is in your pocket. With many businesses struggling to keep their head above the water, it won’t be a jolly holiday if you rely on the workplace to give out Christmas bonuses. Hectic Schedules A lot of people have schedules that defies all conventional wisdom and potentially sanity in this day and age, so fitting in Christmas shopping is going to be tricky. Thankfully the Internet and mail orders are going to relieve some of that stress, but there may be some security concerns unless it is a trusted website and you need to allow plenty of time for orders, in case of items being back ordered. And if you order a lot of items, shipping and handling could be a bit of a steep price. Still people being unable to find much time until December 2X or so because of their schedules is not out of the realm of possibilities but some people are rather creative, so you’d be surprised. Lazy People being Lazy Then again there are just people who decide to put things off, until they realize ,”oh crap, Christmas Eve”. They have the time, they have the money, driving conditions are good, but they just delay, thinking that they’re going to do it tomorrow. Yet isn’t today, yesterday’s tomorrow? This would be procrastination at its most base values. Christmas is coming, hopefully you have your shopping done or are just wrapping up. http://socyberty.com/holidays/why-people-procrastinate-with-their-christmas-shopping/

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