Why People Cannot Sleep

A good night’s sleep is rather something that is important for our health and wellbeing. For many people, sleep does not come as easily for a number of reasons. There are just many of us who lie right in bed, at night, hoping for a good night’s sleep but there are many things that are keeping us up at night. What are the common causes of lack of sleep? Some kind of health condition might be the cause but if nothing seems present, there are many other reasons. Here are some ideas of why this might be occurring.

Worries About the

Health of Family Members


We worry about everyone from children, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, the list goes on and on. There are times where certain family members are getting a bit on in age and nights where it does appear in our mind, where we are in a half awake state, waiting for that phone call, fearing the absolute worst or at least a very bad situation. Perhaps we know an illness has struck and perhaps it can turn into something more awful. Even if the doctors have assured us that there is nothing to worry about, a part of us cannot help but worry. Therefore it keeps us at night.


Worries About Job Security or Financial Situation.


We live in a stormy economic climate. The job we have today might not be there a week from now for instance. The company could go out of business as many have before or we could be the victim of mass layoffs to try to stop the bleeding. No matter how many years we’ve worked, I think that if we are employed, we are considered to be expendable. Providing that we still have a job right now, as many have been out of work for some time or in and out, getting whatever work they can due to turbulent times. We try and save money but it never seems to be enough and savings can only go so far in the case of an emergency. Many rest in bed uneasily with financial worries.



About Something That You Did


We make mistakes in life. They are not out of malice and we don’t intend to hurt people. Sometimes we do though and many of us feel guilt about mistakes. Sometimes weeks after the fact and sometimes these things pop up a bit after the fact. Even after the apology and the apology being accepted, we’re still feeling a bit of guilt here and there in our subconscious. Guilt is a horrible thing.


Eating Too Close Before Bedtime.


That late night snack might be tasty but it could disrupt your sleep schedule. Our body is in the early stages of digestion and it will ruin your sleep. Many say that you should not eat three hours before bed time and if it is a larger meal, it goes without saying that it would be slightly a bit more.


Too Tired to Go To Sleep


It really has to be said but there are times where we’ve had such a long and tiring day that one would think that we would be out like a light the moment our head hit the pillows. One would think that. One would be rather wrong. There are times where your body can burn enough energy where you’re so tired that you can’t really expend any effort to actually do the process of falling asleep. You may eventually but it’s a rather mind numbing process.

Hopefully your nights are full of a good night’s sleep, of six to eight solid hours of natural sleep because the alternative is rarely pretty.


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