Why To Limbs Fall Asleep

You ever try to get up, but find it is difficult to move due to the fact that your leg seems to rather numb. In fact your leg has fallen asleep and thus you have to go gimp around for a while, to get some circulation back into it. Or you wake up in the morning, with your arm completely numb, barely able to move. So you frantically shake it out, trying to get some life, some feeling back right into your arm.

Limbs falling asleep are a rather common issue. One plaguing any number of people each and every day

of their life, as they find it difficult to move those limbs as they are in a state of being asleep. However, why do limbs fall asleep?

Why Do Limbs Fall Asleep?


It is quite elementary really as to do why limbs fall asleep actually. It is simply the lack of blood circulation to that particular body part. There is something blocking it and thus you are unable to receive feeling within that particular limb. Hence the particular limb has fallen asleep and you need to move it around to get the blood flowing.

In essence it is much like if the blood flow is cut off from your brain. Your brain would stop working

and you would get dizzy and pass out. The damage could be more dire if it occurs for much longer. The same with the heart, if there is an obstruction of some sort in the blood vessels, it could lead to heart failure.

The same thing is true with your limbs. If your instance, you sleep on your arm, with your full body weight for about six or eight hours straight, the blood has been cut off. Your arm is numb, it has fallen completely asleep. The lack of blood flow is why limbs fall asleep. The same thing rings true with the legs. If you sit, “Indian Style” on the floor, with one leg over another for too long, the leg underneath will eventually start to fall asleep. Or really at any kind of awkward angle preventing blood flow.

Lack of blood flow in the end is why limbs fall asleep. If this is a constant problem or if limbs fall asleep for no reason then you might have a more pressing health concern. In which case you should consult your doctor.


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