Why Its Unhealthy To Go To Bed Angry

We are going to have any number of arguments with people in our day to day life. Whether it be in the workplace, at school, with friends, or sadly even with family, it is just a part of life. There are times where things are going to be said that should not really be said in the heat of the moment. Anger does wonders in loosening the tongue of the person. However, one of the worst things that you can do is go off to bed when angry and stressed out.

Going to Bed Angry is Unwise

Many people have said in

the past that one should never go to bed angry. The reasons are completely and utter simple for this. Our nerves are at a heightened sense. You may find you have trouble sleeping when you are nervous or you have something on your mind. And there is nothing on your mind that is far worse than an argument you may have with a loved one.

You are tormented by what is said, both what you have said and what is said to you. Thus sleep becomes an uphill battle you are likely going to lose. Some people think they should just go to lay down,

to avoid any further dispute. While they have the right idea, with getting away from the dispute, they are going along with it in the incorrect way.

When you sleep, your mind should be idle but when you are in the process of going to sleep, you'll find what is weighing the most on your mind continues to plague you. Relaxing things will allow the descent into sleep to be much easier. Yet, when troubling things plague the mind, you are going to have an uphill battle.

It is unhealthy to go straight to sleep after a heated argument when you are upset. It will disrupt your sleep schedule and cause you even more stress when tossing and turning is involved. It is recommended that you wait some time, to calm down. Perhaps step outside for some fresh air if the weather is nice or read a book or take a bath. Something to relax you before you go to sleep.

Those who go to bed angry will have much trouble sleeping. It is just elementary.


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