Why It Is Foolish To Blindly Follow Advice

When we talk to people, and ask their opinions on anything in life, we are going to get all kinds of advice. Advice is good and input from others is something that is most appreciated. However, when we get the advice, it is all down to us what we do with it. Whether we choose to follow it, discard it, or only follow a portion of it, it is all up to us. The key word is that it is all up to us. The biggest mistake someone can make is to blindly follow the advice of another person without

Do Not Blindly Follow Advice

People do make mistakes and people are often wrong. You might think that what someone else is telling you might seem smart, but really when you think about it, you have to ask yourself one simple question. Does this apply to me? Sometimes it most certainly does not apply to you. Advice is a funny thing. There are going to be times where it can be the smartest thing in the world, but for the situation that it is given for, it would be not unlike jamming a square peg into a round hole. An ill fit, something that given another situation it would work one hundred percent of the time. Yet people make that crucial mistake.

They just blindly take the advice of others and then when the choice they make blows right up in their face, they tend to take the blame out on the people who give the advice. Which is most certainly not the right thing to do. It was you that followed the advice, without thought. The other person was only offering their input, their perspective on the situation. It was up to you to give the matter some thought, to see if what they were saying applied to you and how it would work with the situation you were in. Yet, you chose you blindly follow the advice without thought. Therefore it was your mistake. This mistake happens very often. In politics, in business, in our day to day lives. Soliciting feedback and advice is a good thing for sure. However there is a limit to how good it can be. There will be situations where it will not apply to you. People are wrong. People can in fact make mistakes. They can give you bad advice. The worst think you can do is blindly follow the words of another person without any thought of your own. More Articles About Society and Issues http://webofrandomness.blogspot.com/p/society-and-issues.html

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