Why Having A Good Relationship With Your Children Is Important

The relationship between parents and their children is a rather sacred and very special thing. It is cultivated from a rather early age. If it is fractured for any reason, it can be a strain to both parties. But if the relationship is not created from a young age between parents and children, where a two way street of respect is established, it can lead to some issues that can undermine the credibility and authority of the parent to the child.

The Importance Of Establishing a Strong Relationship With Your Children

Most of everyone can have children but not everyone can be

parents. That is just one of the facts of life. There are many people who tend to have any number of mental and emotional issues as an adult that stems from the relationship that they had with their parents or lack thereof. Not the case one hundred percent of the time but there is a connection between a weak relationship between children and parents and a shattered psyche when people are older.

No one ever told parents that their job was going to be easy. It is hard to believe that they would have gotten such an idea right into their head. It requires a lot of challenge, but once you have that child, it is your responsibility to raise it and to take care of it, to teach your child values and respect. It is essential to teach your child right and wrong, so they understand the consequences of following into a bad crowd.

The huge problem is when parents don’t do any parenting. Where they decide to only have the minimal interaction with their children, just

enough to not get in trouble with the law with charges of parental neglect. They barely taken any interest in their children, preferring to park them in front of the television. Working a long schedule at work does seem to be a viable excuse to some, but that is no excuse to be lazy and slack off with your home responsibilities.

With some parents, the only interest they take in the upbringing of their children is to discipline them. They are willing to punish them, but they aren’t willing to take the responsibility to raise them. That lies a huge part of the problem while many children are disobedient. They are left to whatever devices and then suddenly, this person who they barely had interaction with, is laying down the law.

It is almost like some parents expect their children to know but without forming a strong relationship with their children, where they respect you, you are just a faceless authority figure. An enemy, someone who’s opinion is only valid enough because they live in your household and they will never learn their lesson. Any behavior is to merely appease you.

Having children is not a decision to be taken lightly and parenting is not easy. But without the proper relationships to build the foundation of respect, you do create your own disrespectful and disobedient child.

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