What Is Writing

As I prepare to post my 1000th Column on this website, I figure it would only be appropriate if I had just delved into a topic that is very near and dear to all of our hearts. That would be the absolute nature of what writing is in. In its utterly simplistic form, writing is conveying ideas, thoughts, facts, opinions, through the actual written word in a way where they can be shared with others. Writing as it is, is far more complex than that.

What is Writing

As it turns out, writing can be a number of things. You talk to

ten different writers, you may get ten different answers of what writing means to them. None of the answers are wrong, as writing is a complex beast, where those of us sit down and really string together our thoughts in a form.

To many, writing is an art. Much like a painter paints and a musician creates music, a writer in fact does write. Their words are the medium which they choose. And as with artists of other kinds, writers can create works that may be to the liking of some, not to the liking of others, but they are crafted and put out for public consumption. To enjoy them and to interpret the words as each individual reader does wish.

For others, writing can be a science. Like many scientific experiments, each

individual writer experiences trial and error, until they find a style and method that they feel comfortable with and what brings them success. They find the right happy medium, but they improve, tweak, and adapt, seeing what works, what does not work.

For others, writing is a business. Something that may succeed in being a profitable venture, but may also fail. Much like any other business, some writers struggle to get a foot hold to distinguish themselves from the competition that exists out there. Some become very successful while others just make enough to be comfortable and many others fall right flat on their face.

And indeed, writing can be a form of therapy. It can relieve a lot of stress to get our thoughts out there. Even if we never publish the words, just getting them out, will give us some piece of mind.

Then again, for others, writing can be entertainment. Some people read books, others watch movies or television, some listen to music, but there are some who do writing just to entertain themselves, to pass a few free moments that they have.

In the end, writing is a complex and multi-layered concept. It is only what each individual writer perceives it to be.

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